All the Jobs in Chad

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  • Jobs in Chad

    Jobs in Chad | Job opportunities in Chad

    Chad is a landlocked country of central Africa bordered by Libya in the north, Sudan in the east, the Central African Republic in the south, Cameroon and Nigeria in the southwest and Niger in the west. Chad is a distant place from the sea level, therefore, contains a desert climate and often known as “Dead Heart of Africa”. It is alienated in multiple regions: such as desert zone and an arid Sahelian belt. Lake Chad is the major swampland of Chad that attract majority of foreigners to come and explore its natural beauty. Emi Koussi of Sahara is the highest mountain in Chad and N’Djamena. It is home to more than 210 ethnic and linguistic clusters. Arabic and French is the most common and beloved language of the region and Islam & Christianity are major religions of the country.

    Jobs in N’Djamena

    Jobs in N’Djamena | Job opportunities in N’Djamena

    N’Djamena is an Arabic name of a city of Chad having a total population about 01 million inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. It is the capital and biggest city of the country beside the river port Chari River. Logone River runs beside the Cameroonian town of Kousséri and is mainly connecting both adjoining regions of the country. N’Djamena is a provincial market for livestock, salt, dates, grains, Meat, fish and cotton processing. There are many production houses, industries of manufacturing & processing different commodities and agricultural farms. Animal reproduction is carried out in the villages of N’Djamena to get bulk quantity of milk and meat from the same for local use as well as export in the neighboring markets. Geographically, N’Djamena is situated at 12°6’47” N, 15°2’57” E latitude. Commercial and residential buildings of N’Djamena are made of concrete and wood together to make it economical and mighty.

    Jobs in Moundou

    Jobs in Moundou | Job opportunities in Moundou

    Moundou is the second principal town of Chad having a capital of the region of Logone Occidental lying beside Logone River. Majority of the Ngambai people reside in Moundou. It is a foremost industrial and commercial town of the city that has vast earning options and job opportunities in its manufacturing concerns. It is home to the Gala Brewery, beer, cotton and oil industries. Moundou has an estimated total population about 200,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2010 and having almost per capita income nearly US$1,600. It has excellent financial services and many international banks functioning in the area. Foremost international agencies and NGO’s are working in the Moundou town for poverty alleviation by providing borrower friendly credit facilities. Nominal service charges are charged from the borrowers to facilitate them in the days of poverty.

    Jobs in Sarh

    Jobs in Sarh | Job opportunities in Sarh

    Sarh is the third prime town of Chad after N’Djamena and Moundou lying beside south-east. Sarh was established by French rulers in 18th century. Previously it was famous by a small village of Chad mostly producing wheat and gram of the country. It has an estimated population about 150,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2010. Economic infrastructure of Sarh is mainly dependant of textiles complex, major transportation hub and center of cotton. The city of Sarh contains warm and wet climate. Majority of its local resident is linked with the profession of commercial fishing. People of the town are very casual in behavior and do not care for their future. Mostly people of Sarh prefer to spend their daily earning on daily bases on the nightlife of the town. Students and adults love to spend their free time with girls and girly activities in private farms.