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  • Jobs in Ontario

    Jobs in Ontario | Job Opportunities in Ontario

    Ontario is a province situated in east-central Canada, the biggest by population and second biggest, after Quebec, in total area. The city is surrounded by the Canadian provinces of Manitoba to the west and Quebec to the east, and 5 U.S. states: Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York to the south and east. The majority of the city’s 2,700 km (1,677 mi) long boundary with the United States runs beside water, in the west the Lake of the Woods and eastward of there either on lakes or rivers within the Great Lakes drainage system: Superior, St. Marys River, Huron, St. Clair River, Lake St. Clair, Erie, Ontario and then runs along the St. Lawrence River from near Kingston to near Cornwall. The city is sometimes broken into two areas, Northern Ontario and Southern Ontario. Most of the population and arable land in Ontario is situated in the south, which contrasts with its relatively small land region in comparison to the northern part.

    Jobs in Winnipeg

    Jobs in Winnipeg | Job Opportunities in Winnipeg

    Winnipeg is the capital and biggest city of Manitoba, Canada, and is the primary metropolitan area in the Winnipeg Capital Region, which is home to more than sixty percent of Manitoba’s population. It is situated close the longitudinal center of North America, in south central Canada, near the eastern edge of the Canadian Prairies, at the convergence point of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers.  It is located close to the Canadian Shield and hundreds of lakes including Lake Winnipeg and Lake Manitoba.

    Jobs in Vancouver

    Jobs in Vancouver | Job Opportunities in Vancouver

    Vancouver is a coastal city situated in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada. It is named after a British Captain George Vancouver, who discovered the area in the 1790s. The name Vancouver itself derived from the Dutch “van Coevorden”, denoting somebody from Coevorden, a city in the Netherlands. The biggest metropolitan region in Western Canada, Vancouver ranks third biggest in the country and the city itself ranks eighth. It population of the city is around 578,000, from which 2.1 million people lives in urban area. Its residents are ethnically and linguistically diverse; 52% do not speak English as their first language.

    Jobs in Thunder Bay

    Jobs in Thunder Bay | Job Opportunities in Thunder Bay

    Thunder Bay is formerly known as the twin cities of Fort William and Port Arthur is a metropolitan city and the government center of Thunder Bay District, Ontario, Canada. It is the most heavily populated city in Northwestern Ontario, and the second most densely inhabited in Northern Ontario after Greater Sudbury. The metropolitan region of Thunder Bay city has a populace of about 122,907, and contains the city of Thunder Bay, Oliver Paipoonge and Neebing, the big towns of Shuniah, Conmee, O’Connor and Gillies and the Fort William First Nation.

    Jobs in Saskatoon

    Jobs in Saskatoon | Job Opportunities in Saskatoon

    Saskatoon is a city situated in central Saskatchewan, Canada, on the Southern side of Saskatchewan River. Residents of the city of Saskatoon are known as Saskatonians. Saskatoon is the most heavily populated city in the province of Saskatchewan, since the mid-1980s when it surpassed the provincial capital of Regina. The population of the city is around 202,340. Saskatoon is located on the narrow belt of rich, potassic chernozem in central southern region of Saskatchewan and is found in the Aspen parkland biome. The lowest area in the city is the river, while the highest portion is the Silverwood-River Heights region in the city’s north edge.

    Jobs in Regina

    Jobs in Regina | Job Opportunities in Regina

    Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan, Canada. The city is the second biggest in the province after the city of Saskatoon, and is a cultural and commercial metropolitan city of Saskatchewan. It holds annual agricultural exhibition which was initially established in 1884 and ever since it is recognized as "Buffalo Days". The city is basically governed by Regina City Council. Regina is the cathedral city of the Roman Catholic and Romanian Orthodox. The residents of Regina and the Anglican residents of Qu’Appelle are referred to as Reginans.

    Jobs in Quebec

    Jobs in Quebec | Job Opportunities in Quebec

    Quebec is a province in east-central region of Canada. It is the only Canadian province with a mainly French-speaking identity and the single city that has French as an official language at the provincial level. Quebec is Canada’s biggest province by area and its second biggest administrative division; only the territory of Nunavut is larger. It is surrounded from the west by the province of Ontario, James Bay and Hudson Bay, to the northern side by Hudson Strait and Ungava Bay, to the eastern side by the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and the provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador and New Brunswick. It is surrounded on the south by the U.S. states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York. It is also surrounded by Nunavut, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia.

    Jobs in Montreal

    Jobs in Montreal | Job Opportunities in Montreal

    Montreal is the second-biggest city in Canada and the biggest city in the province of Quebec. Basically known as Ville-Marie, or “City of Mary”, the city takes its current name from Mont-Royal, the triple-peaked hill situated in the core of the city, whose name was also given to the island on which the city is situated, or Mont Real as it was spelled in Middle French. The total population of the city is around 1,620,698 according to the 2006 census, making it as the sixth biggest city across Canada and the United States. The population of the urban areas was 3,635,571. but according to the 2009 census Montreal is Canada’s second most populous with a population of 1,906,811 in the city and metropolitan area population of 3,814,700.

    Jobs in Hamilton

    Jobs in Hamilton | Job Opportunities in Hamilton

    Hamilton is a port city in the province of Ontario. Hamilton has become the center of a heavily populated and industrialized area at the western side of Lake Ontario known as the Golden Horseshoe. In 2001 the new City was established through the union of the old city and the other constituent lower-tier municipalities of the Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Went-worth with the upper-tier regional government. The inhabitants of the city are called Hamiltonians. It has been listed as the ninth biggest city in Canada and the third biggest in Ontario.

    Jobs in Halifax

    Jobs in Halifax | Job Opportunities in Halifax

    Halifax is the capital of the province of Nova Scotia, Canada. The city is generally called Halifax or HRM. The total population of the city in 2006 was 372,679; the metropolitan area of HRM had a population of 282,924, giving the metropolitan the biggest area in Atlantic Canada and highest population in Canada east of Quebec City. HRM’s metropolitan area is a main financial centre in eastern Canada with a huge collection of government services and private sector companies. Main employers and economy generators include the Department of National Defense, various levels of government, and the Port of Halifax. Agriculture, fishing, mining, forestry and natural gas extraction are main resource industries found in the suburban areas of HRM.