All the Jobs in Burundi

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  • Jobs in Burundi

    Jobs in Burundi | Job opportunities in Burundi

    Burundi is a landlocked state in the Lakes region of Eastern Africa bordering by Rwanda in the north, Tanzania in the east and Democratic Republic of Congo in the west. It is spread over 28,000 kmĀ² land area with an estimated population of 8,790,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. Its foremost and important capital town is generally called as is Bujumbura while local people of Burundi named the region as “Bujum”. Lake Tanganyika is a famous and beloved point of travelers and visitors in the country. The Twa, Tutsi, and Hutu peoples ruled on the country for more than 05 centuries and left several benchmarks for its upcoming generations. Presently Burundi is being governed by a presidential form of government. Majority of the local residents belongs to Christianity while Muslim community is a foremost minority of the town having almost 8% population.

    Jobs in Bujumbura

    Jobs in Bujumbura | Job opportunities in Bujumbura

    Bujumbura is the capital town and biggest city with a main port of Burundi used for docking ships. Country’s chief export products are coffee, cotton, skins, and tin ore. It is situated beside the seashore of Lake Tanganyika occupying an average land area about 89 km2 while an estimated population of the Bujumbura ranges from 335,440 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2010. It is governed by a community council and administrator ruling over 13 different kibbutzes. Air Burundi is a national airline of the country that has been functioning from its land area. It has tropical savanna climate that remain normally wet during October through April and mostly dry during remaining five months. It is predicted that in coming few years Bujumbura will attain a status of a developed town and stable economy.

    Jobs in Muyinga

    Jobs in Muyinga | Job opportunities in Muyinga

    Muyinga is a city of Burundi and a capital state of Muyinga Province. It has multiple four weathers in its region with rainfall, sunshine, humidity, winds and many more alike. The hilly and mountainous region of Muyinga is moderately cold in temperature and varies from 17 to 23oC. It has an estimated population about 78,997 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2008. Continuous rainfalls are considered pretty well for good growing of agricultural crops in Muyinga. It is a poorest state of the country with high infected ratio of HIV/AIDS. Majority of the local residents live below the poverty level in the town and that is the reason that Muyinga is under supervision of many foreign donor agencies and financial institutes like World Bank and IMF that continuously send remittances and aid for poverty alleviation.