All the Jobs in Bulgaria

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  • Jobs in Bulgaria

    Jobs in Bulgaria | Job Opportunities in Bulgaria

    The Republic of Bulgaria is a beautiful cool, rainy and an amazing country located in South Europe. Bulgaria’s six borders make it an excellent location because of its geographical location. Bulgaria joins its borders with the Black Sea in the east, Turkey and Greece in South, Republic of Macedonia and Serbia in west and Romania to North. Bulgaria is positioned as the 16th biggest country in Europe with a span of around 111,000KM of land. The capital city of Bulgaria is Sofia where most the population of Bulgaria resides. Bulgaria operates with parliamentary democracy practices, is a member country of European Union, World Trade Organization, United Nations and NATO. Although English is a language that is commonly understood and spoke within Bulgarian public, but perhaps this is because of Bulgaria’s geographical existence that national language of the country is a great electric mix of Turkish, Serbian and Russians.

    Jobs in Sofia

    Jobs in Sofia | Job Opportunities in Sofia

    Sofia is located in the western part of Bulgaria and is the capital city of the Republic of Bulgaria giving shelter and residential facilities to over 1400,000 human beings. As far population, Sofia is the 47th biggest city in European Union and is the cultural, economic, educational and administrative hub for Republic of Bulgaria. Sofia was known and called with numerous names in history because of several historic and cultural influences in the past. The current name of the city “Sofia” was first heard in 14th century and this name was given to the city because of an ancient Christian church named as “Hagia Sofia Church”. Even if Sofia was an allotted name to the city, but till the 18th century, it still had the Slavic name “Sredets”.

    Jobs in Burgas

    Jobs in Burgas | Job Opportunities in Burgas

    Situated very close the Black Sea, Burgas is one of the big cities of Republic of Bulgaria. Although Sofia does the most as far economic, cultural and social developments of the country, but, because of a natural highly fruitful asset of the largest sea-port in Bulgaria, Burgas is one of the leading developing city of Republic of Bulgaria. Just like the capital city Sofia, Burgas was ruled by several nations, groups and communities in the history. So based on the culture, language, religion and the customs the rulers came from, the city keep changing its names and traditions. Burgas’s population is around 200,000 and the city has its own rail and airport systems. The excellent railway system of Burgas covers almost the whole country and is mostly used by local and foreign visitors.

    Jobs in Plovdiv

    Jobs in Plovdiv | Job Opportunities in Plovdiv

    Plovdiv is the second biggest city of the Republic of Bulgaria. The total population of the city is around 350,000 people and is located in the southern central part of the republic of Bulgaria. The geographical location and its surroundings make the city of Plovdiv a highly charming and attractive for any eyes hungry for beauty and lovely nature. The river Maritza’s banks go along the city and all the seasons of year, Plovdiv just looks great. In summers, people from most of the European countries visit this place to enjoy the thunder heat of Thracia, in Winter Plovdiv is covered with crystal clear mountains and snow and in spring, it’s all green all around and is a must see serenity throughout the city.

    Jobs in Ruse

    Jobs in Ruse | Job Opportunities in Ruse

    The Republic of Bulgaria has been divided into 28 districts and regions. These regions are divided because of several geographical and administrative reasons. Ruse is the fifth biggest city in the Republic of Bulgaria and represents one of those 28 administrative regions and districts in Bulgaria. However, if you compare the Bulgarian cities along the banks of Danube River, Ruse is the largest city among them. Ruse is located at the top right bank of Danube River. Ruse’s constituency and geographical territory rules the west bank part side towns and cities along the Danube River. Like the whole country and other major cities of Bulgaria, Ruse has rich history, traditions, culture and customs. Because of Ruse’s unique historical architecture and hallmarks, it is also called as “Little Vienna”.

    Jobs in Varna

    Jobs in Varna | Job Opportunities in Varna

    Varna is the third biggest city of the Republic of Bulgaria after Sofia and Plovdiv bearing over 350,000 inhabitants. Varna is the capital city of the Varna province situated on the shores of the Black Sea. Varna is the biggest city if compared to other cities along the coasts of Black Sea, so, is called the port capital or the sea capital of Bulgaria. Since Varna has country’s biggest sea port, so it has some natural potentials and edges which make this wonderful city distinguished from other cities of Bulgaria or the cities located at the banks of rivers. Varna has a great international resort just at its Black Sea beach and is a highly visited place in Bulgaria by native Bulgarians and the foreigners especially in summers. Varna was also called as “Stalin” between 1949 and 1956.