All the Jobs in Botswana

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  • Jobs in Tonota

    Jobs in Tonota | Job opportunities in Tonota

    Tonota is a village of Botswana situated in the Central constituency of Botswana. The village of Tonota is sited 29 kilometers away in the metropolitan of Francistown. Tonota is situated beside the beautiful and rich source of water and mineral Rivers called Shashe River bordering by East constituency. Financially it is an average income town of the country but its financial position is getting more attractive and higher with the passage of time. There are many new development projects in process launched by the government of Botswana and at the same time such projects are major employment source for the locals as well as of the overseas jobseekers. Education sector of the city is on good stage and reliant of more than 10 primary, middle and high schools offering great learning options and opportunities to the locals and claims at the same time as an equal opportunity employer of the Botswana.

    Jobs in Letlhakane

    Jobs in Letlhakane | Job opportunities in Letlhakane

    Letlhakane is a village of the Central ward of Botswana but now with the passage of time it has many expansions in its all four corners and attained a higher land area than before. Letlhakane is cited in the Mmatshumo and contains almost 20,000 people in its administration. It is a rich and wealthy region of the country due to excellent and rich mining firms operative in the society and excavating for expensive minerals and metals as well as Gems. There are more than three hefty diamond mines being operated upon ad known as Letlhakane mine, Orapa mines and Damtshaa mine situated in the north of the Botswana. Agricultural activities of the village are also in practiced by the local farmers and villages. Mostly people love to care for cattle farms, poultry farms and other related agricultural activities as it is the main earning source of the Letlhakane village in Botswana.

    Jobs in Mosopa

    Jobs in Mosopa | Job opportunities in Mosopa

    Moshupa is a bulky village in the Southern constituency of Botswana containing around 30,000 populations as per national population census conducted during 2010. Population of Mosopa is called generally by the name of Bakgatla-ba-ga Mmanaana. Moshupa town of Botswana contains gigantic mountains carrying hue attraction for international visitors and travelers. Agricultural needs and water supplies are provided by three main and major Rivers of the city called by the Mosope River. Financially it is a stable city of the country due to loads of earning options, industrial sectors and manufacturing units of the city. Academic infrastructure of the city is linked and reliant of more than 07 schools i.e. primary schools, middle schools and high schools of the Mosopa. For better administration and control of the society in Mosopa, it is segregated in main small and medium sized conurbations.

    Jobs in Thamaga

    Jobs in Thamaga | Job opportunities in Thamaga

    Thamaga is a huge village positioned in the Kweneng borough of Botswana and is located almost 42 km away in the west of Gaborone town of the country. It is a town surrounded by many hills and mountains of the region and considered as one of the major tourist destination in Botswana. A talented team of professionals from the University of California Berkeley has conducted a detailed research on the topic of cultural expansions and demographic values of Thamaga. Financially it is reliant of many earning options and growing industrial sectors. Common and most frequently spoken language of the city is English while some other native languages are also practiced widely. Government of Botswana is striving to introduce new and advanced stats of population census and GDP to formulate such policies and procedures that may cover the deficits of the state.

    Jobs in Ramotswa

    Jobs in Ramotswa | Job opportunities in Ramotswa

    Ramotswa is a rural community in East constituency of Botswana and considered as a capital town of the Gaborone. Present population statistics of 2008 indicate that there are more than 60,680 inhabitants in the city of Ramotswa. Financially it is one of the rich and stable cities of Botswana having various industrial units and manufacturing firms producing bulk production orders and contains huge export volume. Some of the main employers and industrial giants contain wheat flour mills, metal products and textile sector. Ramotswa contains semiarid weather climate with plenty of rain fall during august and September. Agricultural activities of the town include expensive crops of wheat, rice and sugarcane with the addition of various cattle farms, poultry farms and goats & sheep live stock. Economy of the town is pretty good and contains enough potential for good paying jobs in the region.

    Jobs in Palapye

    Jobs in Palapye | Job opportunities in Palapye

    Palapye is a huge settlement in Botswana placed between Francistown and Gaborone cities of the country. Palapye is called as home to energy generating plants and related development projects of the city containing numerous job vacancies for the professionals of electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, civil and numerous other technologies. Morupule Colliery coal mine is a famous energy sector and point of the town having also a large market for the employment as well as revenue generating. Morupule Power Station has reserve capacity to produces more than 120 MW of electricity. Before the 21st century, it was called as a village but later on the same got expansions towards its all four corners and attained the present shape to accommodate around 190,000 inhabitants in its administration. Financially Palapye is considered as a stable town and people of the region are enjoying a standardized life style.

    Jobs in Mochudi

    Jobs in Mochudi | Job opportunities in Mochudi

    Mochudi is one of the superior villages in Botswana having more than 50,000 people in its land areas residing since many years ago and contains a long historic background dating back to 10th century. Mochudi is placed in the Bakgatla tribal district in the vicinity of Kgatleng constituency but the main town of the region was established during 18th century. Modern standards of life and professional working were introduced during 19th century. Financially Mochudi is linked with international banking chains that are working in the city and provide various financial services. Economy of the town is considered as a growing factor in the success of the city. Major depend of its financial sector is towards industrial up rise and growth of its agricultural activates. Government of Botswana is striving to introduce modern and latest trends in its earning channels to promote more and more advanced concepts of growth.

    Jobs in Mogoditshane

    Jobs in Mogoditshane | Job opportunities in Mogoditshane

    Mogoditshane is a township positioned in the Kweneng ward of Botswana and it is geographically situated in the township and communities of Gaborone region in Botswana. While discussing about its historic background, cultural values and important concepts about life then we must explore the pages of its background dating back to 10th century. It was known as small fishing and seed village of the country but with the passage of time the same got expansions towards its four corners and attained the present status of a modern Mogoditshane. There is average income generating development projects whilst many production and manufacturing units of different products are available. Mostly people of the town prefer working for development plans and projects related to humanity in Mogoditshane. Government of Botswana is very caring and keen to uplift its structure and related areas to make the same as an example for other cities of the country.

    Jobs in Mahalapye

    Jobs in Mahalapye | Job opportunities in Mahalapye

    Mahalapye is a settlement situated in the Central borough of Botswana. There are around 40,000 people residing in the city of Mahalapye that is situated beside the main road leading towards Gaborone and Francistown towns of Botswana. It is served by a large network of rods, highways, super ways, commercial buses and railway network to facilitate the travelers and visitors in the land area of Mahalapye. Bus station and railway terminal of the city are lined with advanced standards and services like internet, computer and online systems as well as various safety nets are adopted to meet the unseen emergences during traveling. People of the city are financial good and have good per capita income due to loads of financial institutes and countless job providing sources and channels in Mahalapye.

    Jobs in Kanye

    Jobs in Kanye | Job opportunities in Kanye

    Kanye is a city and town of the southern Botswana having the major population of Bangwaketse tribe. Kanye has biggest denominations and such tribes in the land area of Botswana but the town of v has many other remarkable memories. It is one of the attractive tourism and commercial city of the country as well as has many production units and financial centers that are known as the best job placement centers of the country. Kanye is surrounded by all corners with the high mountains and being bordered by Moshupa, Lobatse, Jwaneng and Gaborone. Financial position of the city and the overall financial status of the local populations of Kanye are reasonably good and indicate a standardized life style in Botswana. Government of the country is striving to increase its financial concerns and related institutes to promote its cultural values as well as to offer a bigger job market of Kanye.