All the Jobs in Bosnia Herzegovina

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  • Jobs in Zavidovici

    Jobs in Zavidovici | Job opportunities in Zavidovici

    Zavidovici is a civic and borough in central Bosnia and Herzegovina situated among Doboj and Zenica beside the rivers Bosna, Krivaja and Gostovic. These three main water sources of the Zavidovici are really good in supply to the agricultural land area while remaining water resources are used in the power plants and other energy generating sectors of Zavidovici. It is a town of Bosnia that was established during 19th century. Present financial position of the town in Zavidovici is pretty good and mainly reliant of excellent industrial up rise and growth of the refinement of woodcrafts. Several people of the nearby communities call it by the name of a “Wood town”. Austrians administrators are remarked as the main developers of the infrastructure while World War II was a period of destruction and bombardment.

    Jobs in Foca

    Jobs in Foca | Job opportunities in Foca

    Foca is a Serbian Cyrillic situated in the vicinity of southeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina on the opening side of the Drina River. In historic times the same town of Foca was famous by the name of Hotca during the medieval time frame and was considered as one of the main commercial and Industrial town of the country times. During 1941, the majority of the Serbians were killed. It was a time in Foca when almost all the infrastructure was demolished except of cattle, corn, and senna farms. Foca was also practiced as a rape camp in Partizan hall established by the notorious administration that forced hundreds and thousands of Bosniak women into forced raped on gun point. After the departure of cruel authorities from the Foca, such rubbish traditions of Rape and Slavery were carried out by the military, police, paramilitaries and sometimes by local villagers.

    Jobs in Mrkonjic Grad

    Jobs in Mrkonjic Grad | Job opportunities in Mrkonjic Grad

    Mrkonjic Grad is a city in the western region and close interaction of Emma Rivers in the vicinity of Bosnia. It is being bordered and surrounded by the Bosanska Krajina flanked by Banja Luka and Jajce. During World War II Mrkonjic Grad faced huge loss and destruction in the infrastructure as well as in the economy and GDD. Historically Mrkonjic Grad is remarked as Mrkonjic Grad occurrence when one F-16 of US army was lost somewhere. Right after the signatory of Dayton peace agreement, Mrkonjic Gradwas administrated by the Republika Srpska. Present economy and major depend of the Earning channel is purely towards the growth of agricultural sector, industrial revival and strengthening of its shaken tourism sector. It is served by a network of roads and highways to promote the safe and speedy traveling around the country.

    Jobs in Bosanska Krupa

    Jobs in Bosanska Krupa | Job opportunities in Bosanska Krupa

    Bosanska Krupa is a Serbian Cyrillic in the main stream and upside of the northwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is situated beside the Una River that is a best irrigation system and supportive channel as a water reservoir for hard times in Bosanska Krupa. It is located 30 km in the Bihac and often remembered as one of the municipal seat of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosanska Krupa is further subdivided into following regions and towns to control the society in effective and befitting manners i.e. Buzim, Cazin, Bihac, Bosanski Petrovac, Sanski Most, and Krupa na position of the city is not on excellent grade as Bosanska Krupa is practicing slow growth rate of its national income and GDP. Overall per capita income of the community is also not good due to which people of the city prefer working in both shifts.

    Jobs in Gradacac

    Jobs in Gradacac | Job opportunities in Gradacac

    Gradacac is a settlement and town in the fraction of Bosnia and Herzegovina that is situated roughly 45 km away from the Sava River. For better control of the society, Gradacac is ruled and generally administrated by the local authorities of Tuzla Canton. Till 7th century it was called as palanka city that contained many army headquarters for better civil defense of the city in Bosnia. Mostly Muslim community is residing in the city having many ancient towers, watch points and a thick boundary wall around the city to act as a thick shelter. There a spa facility available in the city of Gradacac for the fashionable and trendy ladies intending to look more beautiful. Ilidza Spa Treatment Centre was opened and established in 1882 beside the beautiful lakes of Hazna and Vidara.

    Jobs in Gracanica

    Jobs in Gracanica | Job opportunities in Gracanica

    Gracanica is a township and a borough in northern Bosnia and Herzegovina and is cited in the west of Doboj and east of Tuzla cities. It is situated in the lower valley of the River Spreca and around 52 km away from the city of Tuzla. It has link with the 15th century when Gracanica was remarked by Turkish archives. It is an old town and historic city having many ancient castles and structure of its slavery period and many of the old structure has been lost and demolished during external warship attacks faced by Gracanica. In 1548 it got the status of a town and during the 17th century Gracanica practiced huge and swift growth in all its areas as well as in industrial sector. Present economy and financial system of the city is on good ranking and still striving to increase gradually.

    Jobs in Konjic

    Jobs in Konjic | Job opportunities in Konjic

    Konjic is a township and settlement of Bosnia and Herzegovina that is cited in the northern Herzegovina and is located about 50 kilometers away from the west of Sarajevo. It is a mountainous and hilly region of the country and considered as one of the main and mostly visited place by the annual visitors in its land area to explore its natural and hidden beauty. Neretva River is one of the main irrigation as well as water reservoir source of the society and plays an important role in the development of its agricultural sector a lot. The town of Konjic has an estimated population about 59,000 people as per national population census conducted during 2010. The Neretva River is ranked as one of the biggest and largest river of the city and belongs to Adriatic river watershed.

    Jobs in Gorazde

    Jobs in Gorazde | Job opportunities in Gorazde

    Gorazde is a city of eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina beside the Drina River. It is one of the most important water sources of the city for sailing, shipping and fishing activities. Ariel views of the towns present excellent scenery. Gorazde is cited on the banks of the River Drina in East Bosnia. It is more than 350 meter high above the sea level and contains moderate climate. Rainfall period consists upon few weeks but some time prolong according to the weather changes. Its hilly surrounding makes the town as a prominent hill station of Bosnia and attracts majority of international tourists towards its natural beauty. It is a leading and foremost commercial cum industrial town of the country and considered as a major employment sector of the Bosnia. There are many construction companies functioning and employing thousands of local community in different and high paid jobs of the time.

    Jobs in Visoko

    Jobs in Visoko | Job opportunities in Visoko

    Visoko is a city and borough in central Bosnia and Herzegovina having excellent and rich heritage background of the region. Bosnian medieval state is next to the Visoko besides Bosna River, a plentiful resource of fishing, sailing and shipping. It is further subdivided in more than 24 communities to have a better and effective control over the society. There are almost 60,000 people residing in the city of Visoko and considered as most populated city of the Bosnia. Visoko valleys fashioned by the foothills of Central Bosnian Visoko hills including Ozren, Vranica and Zvijezda are pretty attractive and ever interesting for international travelers and tourists. Economy of the city is reliant of highest industrial exports in the nearby markets and countries of the globe. It is roughly estimated that Visoko has more than 1 million USD dollars worth of its entire export commodities.

    Jobs in Velika Kladusa

    Jobs in Velika Kladusa | Job opportunities in Velika Kladusa

    Velika Kladusa is a conurbation and borough in the west of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is cited beside the borders of Croatia, Cazin Bihac and Bosanski Novi. Financial position of the city is not appreciable as it is on growth stage and striving to attain the increase standards of national income and GDP. Velika Kladusa was first time mentioned on the world history in 12th century and at that time it is was known as a small town but with the passage of time it started growing. World War II caused a bad time for Velika Kladusa as the same supported to the Yugoslavian Partisans whilst the other end supported to the Nazis. Present financial position of the city is growing gradually and overall per capita income of the local population is handsome but still the local community of Velika Kladusa prefers working in more shifts to earn maximum money at the end of the moth.