All the Jobs in Bolivia

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  • Jobs in Villa Yapacani

    Jobs in Villa Yapacani | Job opportunities in Villa Yapacani

    Villa Yapacani is the principal urban region of Ichilo in the Bolivian sector of Santa Cruz situated beside the flowing Yapacani River. This river is a best ad ideal water reservoir for various activities in the country as well as in the city of Villa Yapacani. Surutu River is another major source for best irrigation system and bulk water supply in the good growing seasons of Villa Yapacani. It is almost 100 km away from the Santa Cruz de la Sierra and often called as home to cottage industries, flat carpet industries and marketing services. Food stuff factories and fast food chains are working in the community to introduce new taste and savors. It is the need of the hour to establish such production units and factories to engage skilled personnel of different fields that normally travel for other cities of Bolivia for better employment opportunities.

    Jobs in Cotoca

    Jobs in Cotoca | Job opportunities in Cotoca

    Cotoca is a settlement in Bolivia having almost 25,000 people in its land area as per national population census conducted during 2010. Cotoca is a historic town of the country dating back to 10th century and still contains many memories of that age. Economically it is a developing town of the country. Normally an average person of Cotoca earns about 1,200 USD per capita incomes. There are various international organizations and NGO’s working in the township to promote better education, safety nets, healthcare facilities and various small scaled loans to combat with poverty alleviation. In the last decade, much micro financing organization stepped in the business and disbursed a huge amount of capital in the city of Cotoca but has lost its amount due to bad economic infrastructure and poor pay back capacity of the local population.

    Jobs in Villamontes

    Jobs in Villamontes | Job opportunities in Villamontes

    Villamontes is cited in the sub humid zone of Bolivia having very dry weather climate. During the Chaco War sandwiched between Bolivia and Paraguay, Bolivian army units and headquarters were established in the township of Villamontes to have a better fighting strategies and program. Villamontes contains almost 28,000 inhabitants in the land area as per national population census conducted during 2010. While discovering the oil and gas products underground the land area of Villamontes, many mining firms and refineries are functioning in the city and providing a good job market for allied and skilled personnel. There are many organization of the state that is linked with international organization and pays well to the talented personnel. Government of Bolivia calls the town as a growing town and rich state in coming few years having much potential for hard workers to grow.

    Jobs in San Borja

    Jobs in San Borja | Job opportunities in San Borja

    San Borja is a settlement in the Beni subdivision of Bolivia and San Borja is the official seat of the San Borja metropolis. It is the second urban section of the Jose Ballivian districts of the country and situated almost 198 meters high above the sea level. San Borja is cited on the banks of Río Maniqui Rivers that is a best irrigation source as well as a major water reservoir of the township to meet the requirements of energy generating plants. Population size of the city is around 40,000 inhabitants in its land area. There are various small scaled industries and some high tech organization producing large export commodities. Bolivia has revised its trade policy to attract various investors in its land area in San Borja to provide a better and vast employment sector in the city.

    Jobs in Warnes

    Jobs in Warnes | Job opportunities in Warnes

    Warnes is a leading city and community of Bolivia and geographical situated in the GeoNames geographical database contains almost 30,000 people in the city. Warnes is almost 330 meters high above the sea level and contains tropical and rainy climate in of Bolivia. Economically it is a growing town of the country and striving to increase its earning channels, employment sectors and main strives towards upgrading of its agricultural sectors. There are two main Canals that irrigate its water based crops. Gram, sugarcane and wheat are main agricultural crops of the city. Warnes town of the country is practicing several denominations and religious beliefs. It is predicted by various scholars that one day Warnes will attain a prominent and imminent position among other cities and towns of Bolivia. While discussing about the up rise and future perspectives of financial concerns, banking chains and few international NGO’s are actively plays in the societal integrations.

    Jobs in Tupiza

    Jobs in Tupiza | Job opportunities in Tupiza

    Tupiza is a conurbation in Potosí subdivision of Bolivia and is situated at 3,160 meters high above the sea level. It has very small population just about 30,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2008. It has average economy and mediocre GDP and average per capita income due to lack of enough earning option in the city of Tupiza. Majority of the population of Tupiza travels to other cities and towns on daily bases for sack of better jobs or for better academic structure. Present economic infrastructure and allied stages of the city are reliant of agricultural growth and industrial expansions. It has a demanding sector of textile engaging majority of the locals in average jobs while high paid jobs and executive job vacancies of Tupiza are filled with highly educated job seekers in Tupiza.

    Jobs in San Ignacio de Velasco

    Jobs in San Ignacio de Velasco | Job opportunities in San Ignacio de Velasco

    San Ignacio de Velasco is the official capital city of the Jose Miguel de Velasco prefecture in Bolivia. There are around 45,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2006. According to land area, San Ignacio de Velasco is one of the largest cities of Bolivia flanked by Santa Cruz and the Brazilian edging. If a visitor of some local inhabitants aims to travel for Velasco or Santa Cruz, a daily commercial buses service can fulfill the target in few hours road drive by via a dirt highway. San Ignacio de Velasco is also served by international air routes and connective flights to make a safe and shorter traveling around the country or any other areas of the rest of the world. A famous manmade lake generally called as Guapomo is a source of fresh water for residents of the community in San Ignacio de Velasco.

    Jobs in Cobija

    Jobs in Cobija | Job opportunities in Cobija

    Cobija is a city and conurbation of Bolivian community situated about 610 km away from the northern region of La Paz at the Amazon and at the same time shares the cities line and borders with Brazil and Peru. Cobija is geographical situated beside the banks of Rio Acre and contains the elevation of 2850 meters high above the sea level. It contains the tropical and rainy season as well. There are almost 40,000 inhabitants residing as per national population census conducted during 2009. Cobija is served by railway system, commercial buses, taxis and major air lines of the country as well as at the same time provides best airline job options to the interested and qualifying candidates of the same. Cobija came into existence in 1906. In past phase of time span it practiced a high economy but after some time its industrial sector collapsed badly and caused damage to its earning channels.

    Jobs in Camiri

    Jobs in Camiri | Job opportunities in Camiri

    Camiri is a settlement in Bolivia near Santa Cruz subdivision of Cordillera prefecture and often called and remarked as the Camiri Municipality. It is a medium sized city of the country having around 50,000 populations. Camiri is geographically situated on the shores of the Parapeti River covered by undulating hills in the Eastern side. Overall economy and financial position of the city is on growth stage and gradual increase in its national income GDP and per capita income is noticed during last year’s figure of statistic department of Camiri. Government of Bolivia is in the favor to uplift its all unattended areas and sectors to get maximum production as well as better employment opportunities. Agricultural sector of the city is producing mainly sugarcane, wheat and rice that are exported after local consumption in the nearby markets of Camiri.

    Jobs in Llallagua

    Jobs in Llallagua | Job opportunities in Llallagua

    Llallagua is a settlement in the Potosí subdivision of Bolivia and at the same time is called one of the foremost Llallagua metropolises in the Rafael Bustillo Province. Basically it is a town of Motorcycles due to loads of workshops, racing clubs and tracks as well as a dearest traveling channel of adults and teenagers of Llallagua. Financial position and economy of Llallagua is on growth stage and increasing gradually. Major rely of the city is towards agricultural advancements, industrial up rise and up to some extent expects a financial share from its tourism industry. Also it is remembers as one of the oldest and historic mission town recognized and by San Javier and San Ignacio de Moxos who were great leaders of that time. Major employment options are frequently advertised by leading banks, leasing houses and trading centers of the city in Llallagua.