All the Jobs in Bhutan

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  • Jobs in Panbang

    Jobs in Panbang | Job opportunities in Panbang

    Panbang is a defrayal in the south of Bhutan and is placed in Zhemgang borough beside the Indian borders. Panbang is a small city of Bhutan under the direct administration of Zhemgang. Geographically it is placed and sited around 14 kilometers away from the Indian territorial border. Panbang serves numerous high tech organizations and super markets of all essential life products. Panbang is ready with the modern facilities and all the basic needs of civilized society. Its financial system is purely based with international banking chains as well as with the leading financial houses and leasing firms or with the stock exchange of Bhutan. Overall financial position, GDP and per capita income of the local community while residing in Panbang is much better than other areas of Bhutan, indicating a rich and prosperous life in the city.

    Jobs in Daga

    Jobs in Daga | Job opportunities in Daga

    Daga is a settlement in Dagana borough in southwestern Bhutan and contains almost 6,146 inhabitants in its land area. It is further divided into many subdivisions to have a better and befitting control over the society. Daga District is one of the 20th dzongkhag communes of the country engaged in numerous trade activities and various sale and marketing businesses. Its land area and population is very few so cannot declares it as an advanced and developed city of the country in Bhutan but even then its following all the prerequisite channels and functioning of an advanced society of Bhutan. Per capita income of the general public in Daga is about 2,500 USD and provides many growth opportunities to the higher educated students and talented personnel of finance and computer sciences. Keeping in view the increasing trends towards information technology, Daga is also practicing such new things in its land area to deal in daily life.

    Jobs in Tongsa

    Jobs in Tongsa | Job opportunities in Tongsa

    Trongsa is a settlement and money making city of Trongsa constituency in central Bhutan. It is a main town of Buddha faith and was first city of the country in 1543 where a huge temple was construction. Trongsa Dzong was constructed during 1645 where the king of King of Bhutan was used to come and explore the hunting spots. Tongsa is linked with a main and major highway connecting many other towns and cities of Bhutan together with. Its economic system is kinked and based on agricultural crops as well as trade of several commercial products in the nearby towns and cities of the country. Agricultural growth of the crops in Tongsa is reliant of excellent water channels and irrigation modes of the township. Some of the most attractive and expensive crops of Tongsa include wheat, sugarcane, cotton and rice that are shipped in other countries after consuming the same in local markets of Bhutan.

    Jobs in Mongar

    Jobs in Mongar | Job opportunities in Mongar

    Mongar region is one of the 20th dzongkhags towns of Bhutan that is known and admired as an immense and ever fast developing town of eastern Bhutan. Mongar is situated beside the flowing River of Kuri Chhu and plays an important part in good growing crops of Mongar. It has blasting economic Infrastructure and focus much in water based production and energy generating issues as well as providing many high paid jobs to the allied and affiliated personnel with this sector. Mostly people of Mongar are linked with agricultural growth and producing a large range of commercial and agro chemical products as well as with the addition of pesticides and agro chemical sprays for the crops of cotton and wheat as well. It is also served with a large banking network of the country offering great services to the local population of Mongar.

    Jobs in Tashi Yangtse

    Jobs in Tashi Yangtse | Job opportunities in Tashi Yangtse

    Trashiyangtse or Tashi Yangtse is a tiny municipality in Yangtse Gewog and in the district headquarters of Trashiyangtse constituency in Bhutan. There are less than 10,000 populations on record in the city of Tashi Yangtse. Financially it is a growing city of Bhutan that is mainly striving to increase its earning channels, to increase its cottage industries as well as to increase its overall job market in Tashi Yangtse. Present financial system of the city is linked with commercial trade of export products and large production textile commodities. Apart from these two sector rest of the population often visit for other cities of the country for sake of better job options. As Tashi Yangtse is a small town of the country in Bhutan, therefore has les potential to engage almost all of its population in income generating projects of the city.

    Jobs in Paro

    Jobs in Paro | Job opportunities in Paro

    Paro is a municipality and seat of Paro quarter in the Paro gorge of Bhutan. Paro valley contains a large historic background and that is linked and dating back to 10th century of Bhutan. There are many shops in Paro Rinpung Dzong, a fortress monastery of the history. Paro’s main construction is linked and based with mud and mortar all around the city with the mixture of stones and pebbles. The Paro Dzong was demolished / cracked and was rebuilt after the main and major fire affects of the city. Major rely of the population is towards many advanced and earning channels of the city including agricultural activities of the Bhutan, industrial segregation and growth of the city as well as main focus of Paro is towards promotion of its tourism sector on large scale.

    Jobs in Bhutan

    Jobs in Bhutan | Job opportunities in Bhutan

    The Kingdom of Bhutan is a country in South Asia, situated at the eastern edge of the Himalaya Mountain range. It is bordered southern, eastern and western sides by the Republic of India. To the northern side it is connected with People’s Republic of China. Bhutan is separated from the nearby state of Nepal to the west by the Indian state of Sikkim, and from Bangladesh to the south by West Bengal. The Bhutanese call their country Druk Yul, which means “Land of the Thunder Dragon”.

    Jobs in Thimphu Bhutan

    Jobs in Thimphu Bhutan | Job opportunities in Thimphu Bhutan

    Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan and the largest city in the whole kingdom. Thimphu is more developed city in the country. The capital has a nice road network, especially in the lower gewogs. The gewogs in the northern side of the dzongkhag, This city has a extreme cold climate, are connected only by mule tracks making access and delivery of development services difficult and expensive. Most of the lower gewogs in the dzongkhags have easy access to the national referral hospital, national research centers, central ministries, and agriculture related corporations and the financial institutions. Further, extension services are available in all gewogs and so are facilities for primary education and health care. 60 % of the households are supplied with electricity.

    Jobs in Phuntsholing

    Jobs in Phuntsholing | Job opportunities in Phuntsholing

    Phuentsholing is a bordering town of southern Bhutan right opposite to the Indian town of Jaigaon located in Chukha Dzongkang. It is a very tiny town and community of Bhutan having almost 62,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2008. The city of Phuentsholing is connected by foremost Indian Railways node, NJP and Bengal northern town with a bus ride. It is a small fishing and mining town of Bhutan that has growing economic infrastructure and keeping in view the strives of local residents, government of Bhutan & foreign donor agencies, it is predicted that Phuentsholing will attain the title of a developed town of the country by the end of 2015. Road networks of the town are a main factor contributing in its national business and commercial trade. Majority of neighboring countries and regions come and merchant their commodities in its river port.