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  • Jobs in Bermuda

    Jobs in Bermuda | Job opportunities in Bermuda

    Bermuda is a British abroad country in the Atlantic Ocean situated in the east of United States, Cape Hatteras, Carolina, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and Florida. Its capital city is Hamilton, an industrial conurbation contributing noticeably high in the national income of the township. Bermuda was revealed in 1505 by Spanish pilot Juan de Bermudez due to which, its name was claimed. Bermuda has a wealthy economy dealing in financial institutes, banks, leasing sectors, and tourism. Highest GDP and per capita income of the local residents have been observed during 2008 containing subtropical climate throughout the year. Bermudian pound is the local currency used in the country carrying the picture of HM Queen Elizabeth II. The Bermuda Monetary Authority issues the banknotes & coins and regulates financial institutions.

    Jobs in St. George

    Jobs in St. George | Job opportunities in St. George

    St. George is a central town of Bermuda situated in the atoll parish Bermuda districts. It is third victorious English establishment of America. Officially it came into existence in 16th Century and was known as a small fishing town with an estimated population about 251,802 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. Geographically it is surrounded with offshore environment and climate. Saint George has a reasonably good and stable economic infrastructure. Major earning sectors of the city are manufacturing concerns, productions house, textile, carpet industry, shipping, surgical equipment and sportswear. People of Saint George town are very happy in their life style and facilities offered by the government. Road transport network and highways system of the country are pretty good and provides a smooth and safe driver.

    Jobs in Hamilton

    Jobs in Hamilton | Job opportunities in Hamilton

    Hamilton is the capital of the British Overseas land of Bermuda and attained the status of a busiest & leading commercial, financial and tourist destination of the country. Hamilton Bermuda is famous for being financial exporter of financial services, primarily insurance, reinsurance, investment funds, corporate sales, rebate system and special vehicles. Financial services are a steady economic pillar of the city providing various new investment opportunities. Due to rapid increase in the local population, real estate business is expanding promptly. It is a basic need to have a house; therefore, people of Hamilton Bermuda prefer to buy their own houses instead of having rental buildings. Hamilton Bermuda’s community does not want to waste money on idle pursuits and self assumed responsibilities but prefer to build a handsome bank balance.