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  • Jobs in Grand Popo

    Jobs in Grand Popo | Job opportunities in Grand Popo

    Grand Popo is a township and collective farm in the Mono division of south western Benin. There are almost 290 square kilometers land area and around 70,000 populations as per national population census conducted during 2009. It was a major town and center for slave trade in the areas of Benin and remained popular for such feature. Presently Grand Popo is one of the major cities of Benin that is remembered as a voodoo town and is a leading place of Finnish African communities. Financial position and economy of the town is fairly good as mostly people are linked with fishing and related water based professions. Grand Popo town is followed by French electronic music duo Grand Popo Football Club. Overall financial stability and growth trend is reliant of its continuous manpower loyalty and strives of the local authorities of Grand Popo.

    Jobs in Beterou

    Jobs in Beterou | Job opportunities in Beterou

    Beterou is a settlement and arrondissement placed in the Borgou sector of central Benin and contains very less population around 30,000. It is a small settlement of the country that is based on its small scaled agricultural crops as well as some of the cottage industries. Majority of the local population travels for other cities of Benin to perform their daily jobs and other trade activities. It is served by a transport terminal from where almost all the major city routes are operated whereas urban transport system of Beterou is consisted upon private vehicles, buses, taxis and a railway station. There are quite a few small scaled handicraft factories and house made work of embroidery causing bulk production orders with good incentives and profits in return. Carpet manufacturing factory and flat carpet production stations pays comparatively low to the workers causing downfall the same.

    Jobs in Tanguieta

    Jobs in Tanguieta | Job opportunities in Tanguieta

    Tanguieta is a township and kibbutz sited in the Atakora responsibility of Benin and considered as one of the most largely land areas as well as fertile land. It is spread over an average land area about 5,466 square kilometers but have only around 110,000 inhabitants. Tanguieta is cited beside the RNIE 3 highway, major source of connecting Natitingou. Tanguieta remained under administration and control of the French colonial regulation. The Hospital Saint Jean de Dieu de Tanguieta is a famous and well recognized hospital of the city offering all healthcare facilities to the ailing patients. French, Dendi, Waama, Nateni, and Biali are the common and beloved languages of the population. Financially it is a growing and struggling city of Benin. There are many banking chains and international hotel chains offering in the service industries.

    Jobs in Aplahoue

    Jobs in Aplahoue | Job opportunities in Aplahoue

    Aplahoue is a settlement sited in the Kouffo sector of Benin country and covers huge land area of nearly 600 KM square segregated for various activities and trade operations of Aplahoue. It is a big city and society of the Benin containing around 200,000 populations. Keeping in view the size and population of the city, it is difficult to access its inner potential for earning options and growth opportunities. There are many private industries of oil manufacturing, textile ginning, processing and dying factories leading to end products availability in Aplahoue. Textile industry of Aplahoue is a major job market for the residents of the city as well as for nearby cities and towns of Benin. Employment retention policies are pretty cool and attract workers and talented people to remain loyal with the organization.

    Jobs in Allada

    Jobs in Allada | Job opportunities in Allada

    Allada is a municipality arrondissement and cooperative sited in the Atlantique sector of Benin and one of the foremost important armies of Dahomey. It is spread over an average land area of about 380 square kilometers and contains around 139,778 people as per national population census conducted during 2007. Allada is growing rapidly in its industrial sector and engages almost 60% of the adult and educated personnel of the township in various sectors and areas of life. Allada is a mixed culture of various nations and tribes living in the land area since so long and claims to be the natives of the region. Present growth rate of the city is focused towards commercial export and trading services. More than 80% garments sections and productions units of Benin are producing large orders for western countries and other income generating regions of the globe.

    Jobs in Tchaourou

    Jobs in Tchaourou | Job opportunities in Tchaourou

    Tchaourou is a group home arrondissement and conurbation sited in the Borgou division of Benin. It is located in the Western Africa that was previously remembered as Dahomey till 1975. Tchaourou is about 50 kilometers away from the town of Parakou. It has much bigger land area as compare to the other cities and towns of Benin and occupies around 7,259 square kilometers land area. According to national population census conducted during 2009, it is concluded that there are around 176,852 inhabitants in its land area. Tchaourou is ranked as one of the biggest borough of Benin. There are many different and mixed denominations and nationalities residing likewise Nagot, Bariba and Fulani peoples. It is a major and leading agricultural city of the country and also linked with trading of fuel & oil products to the Nigeria and many others nearby markets of the world.

    Jobs in Dassa Zoume

    Jobs in Dassa Zoume | Job opportunities in Dassa Zoume

    Dassa Zoume often called in a shortened name to as Dassa is a municipality of Benin. It is situated on the Parakou railway and south inner highway of the country and occupies around 1,712 square kilometers land area. Total estimated population of Dassa Zoume is about 143,967 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. Historically it is called by the town of a pilgrimage. It is a myth that the Virgin Mary was appeared in La Grotte Marial. There are many notable shrines and dense adjoining forests of the town esteemed with numerous animal wild lives as well as precious and antique creature of the nature. Economically Dassa Zoume is developing nation o Benin having major concern and relies toward agricultural crops and medium sized industrial units functioning in the land area since many years ago.

    Jobs in Ketou

    Jobs in Ketou | Job opportunities in Ketou

    Ketou is a Yoruba settlement arrondissement and collective farm sited in the Plateau subdivision of Republic of Benin. Ketou is a city that covers almost 2,183 square kilometers land area and rules over the society approximately 160,499 people as per national population census conducted during 2007. It is a main commercial and agricultural town of the country that has large production of cotton and rice that is used locally as well as rest of the product is shipped in the nearby countries of the Ketou. There are many export firms that export rice from the region and earns much in return. As it is the need of the hour to earn more and more, therefore, people of Ketou are determined enough and intend to work in double shifts in the textile factories and garments units of the city.

    Jobs in Banikoara

    Jobs in Banikoara | Job opportunities in Banikoara

    Banikoara is a settlement arrondissement and collective farm placed in the Alibori division of Benin. It is situated almost 69 kilometers away from the Kandi town and contains excellent fertile land for good growing of Cotton. For better control of the society and to administrate in effective and befitting manners, Banikoara is further segregated as Banikoara, Founougo, Gomparou, Goumori, Kokey, Kokiborou, Ounet, and Toura. They are more than 54 villages and 10 urban districts of the city. Banikoara has an average land area about 4,385 square kilometers and contains more than 200,000 population as per national population census conducted during 2008. Majority of the population is linked with good growing crops and agricultural activities as well as large commercial trade of handicrafts. Its telecommunication and energy generating sections are very old and does not serve the ideal purpose.

    Jobs in Bassila

    Jobs in Bassila | Job opportunities in Bassila

    Bassila is a settlement arrondissement and kibbutz sited in the Donga sector of Benin and occupies 122 square kilometers land area. There are almost 117,511 people in the township of Bassila as per national population census conducted during 2008. The RNIE 3 freeway of Benin outdoes throughout the Bassila and provides main trading facilities with the other cities of the country. It is further sub divided into many small towns and conurbations for better administration and smooth functioning of a civilized society in Bassila and follow as Adeli, Afodiobo, Aledjo-Koura, , Assion, Aworo, Bakperou, Bayakou, Bodi, Bomako, , Dogue, Gando, Gaougado, Gassagadi, Gatakpal, Iyo, and Yari. Economically it is a growing town of the city and mainly and largely depends on agricultural growth, industrial up rise and flourishing tourism as well as service industries of the town.