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  • Jobs in Benque Viejo del Carmen

    Jobs in Benque Viejo del Carmen | Job opportunities in Benque Viejo del Carmen

    Benque Viejo del Carmen is a settlement in the Cayo quarter of Belize. It was recognized in 19th century due to huge influx of immigrants and permanent movers of Guatemala. In the starting era of 21st century, rapid increase in its total population has observed. There are many public places and related required infrastructure of modern and civilized society i.e. schools, banks, supermarkets and other conveniences. Benque Viejo del Carmen is the uttermost west considerable defrayal in Belize situated almost 135 km away from the Belize City beside the bordering Guatemala. People of the town are living excellent and lavish life style duet to loads of earning options, job opportunities, vacancies and manufacturing units producing a wide range of export commodities. Benque Viejo del Carmen is known as admiring city of the country due to rich economy and high growth opportunites.

    Jobs in San Pedro

    Jobs in San Pedro | Job opportunities in San Pedro

    San Pedro is a township on the southern fraction of the atoll of Ambergris Caye in Belize constituency, in Central America. It has very less population around 20,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2008. It is one of the second leading cities of the country and occupies almost 80 KM2 land area. English is the major and frequently spoken languages in San Pedro while Spanish Lovers are also in great strength after English language. As per national Population and Housing Census of San Pedro, 13,000 males and 7,000 are females. Majority of the population is living excellent life style due to high per capita income and various earning options as equally for all. Agricultural growth and trading are main earning and producing channels of the San Pedro whereas service industry and hostelling is also another add up factor.

    Jobs in Corozal

    Jobs in Corozal | Job opportunities in Corozal

    Corozal settlement is a civic in the state of Belize and one of the foremost and attractive capital cities in Corozal quarter. Corozal Town is located about 84 miles north of Belize City, and 9 miles away from the border with Mexico. The population of Corozal Town is almost 10,871 inhabitants and till 1840s, it was considered as private property of the owners in the region of Belize. A great deal of the town is sited on the antique Maya city often referred to as Santa Rita. Corozal was actually found in 1849 by refugees that came from Maya Indian region of the side. In 1857 more than 12,000 refugees crossed the sides of Rio Hondo River, a useful source of plenty of waters and in the best growing support to the required quarter based crops of the country.

    Jobs in Dangriga

    Jobs in Dangriga | Job opportunities in Dangriga

    Dangriga is a settlement in southern Belize sited on the Caribbean shoreline on the opening of Stann Creek and often written and called as the official capital of Belize’s Stann Creek Region. The town is served by the Dangriga Airport and many other roadways and highways to enables mouth traveling for the daily people as well as for the occasional travelers of the Belize. Dangriga was established around in 1830 and was known as the second most populated town of the country. But presently Orange Walk Town has attained the title of second major town of the Belize. Overall financial system and economy of the city is good but not as better as compare to any other developed town of the world. Keeping in view the huge influx of nearby residents, merchants and traders on daily basis, a commercial bus service and allied terminal is operative in the city from where all the small and medium stopover points of Dangriga are covered.

    Jobs in Belmopan

    Jobs in Belmopan | Job opportunities in Belmopan

    Belmopan municipality is a mixture of about 25,000 inhabitants in the land area of Belize and often called and remembered as the official capital town of Belize. Belmopan conurbation is sited around 75 meters high above the sea level and built beside the beautiful flowing River of Belize River. Belmopan is presently in restructuring phase of the town and many new construction and development projects are in process these days enabling a better job market as well for the provision of better living style to the population. Economy of Belmopan is also in development phase and growing slowly. Belmopan was included as a metropolis during general state elections and due to high voting of the local residents it s status was changed. Commercial sector of the township is also in development phase and government Belize has declared almost 590 registered business establishments and partners of the region.

    Jobs in Belize

    Jobs in Belize | Job opportunities in Belize

    Belize is a democratic legitimate kingdom of Central American nation comprising upon numerous cultures & languages. Majority of the population loves to speak Kriol & Spanish whereas English is the official language practiced in departments of government and general public. Belize is surrounded by Mexico, south Guatemala, and Caribbean Sea spread over a total land area around 182 miles. A rapid increase has been observed in its total population during last few years. By the end of 1960, it had only few hundred thousand populations whereas presently Belize contained an estimated population over a million as per national population census conducted during 2009. Belize has strong relations and friendly trade policy with developed nations of the globe. Common trade among neighboring countries rank the city as richest town of the region with increased per capita income, highest economy growth rate and flourishing tourism sector.

    Jobs in Belize City

    Jobs in Belize City | Job opportunities in Belize City

    Belize City is the principal municipality of the Central American Belize having almost 100,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2007. Belize City is placed at the mouth of Belize River on Caribbean district area. It has famous port and leading towards a growing financial system and industrial hub to act as a bridge among trading firms of the globe. Majority of cruise and sailing ships anchor at its well facilitated port and stays for their desired tenure. In historical age Belize City was the capital city of British Honduras. Its economy is pretty good and mainly dependent of its agricultural growth, industrial reformation and flourishing tourism. Palm oil and cocoa are major export products of the country. Road network and highway system of the Belize City is in excellent condition and caters for smooth drive.

    Jobs in San Ignacio

    Jobs in San Ignacio | Job opportunities in San Ignacio

    San Ignacio is a third major town and municipality of Belize in Central America. It has an estimated population about 60,000 inhabitants occupying an estimated land area about 119 KM square. San Ignacio is positioned beside the banks of Macal River and the Mopan River bordering by Belmopan. San Ignacio is well famous for producing Mahogany and chicle on large scale since British ridership. Mostly people of the tow are Mestizo and Kriol with less strength of Lebanese and Mopan. Reasonably higher strength of Chinese is also recorded in San Ignacio. Road networks of the town are pretty good and consist upon numerous transportation modes including taxies, private vehicles, commercial buses, and railway system and adjoining connective air flights. San Ignacio people are very caring and loving in their nature pretend to create a civilized society.

    Jobs in Orange Walk

    Jobs in Orange Walk | Job opportunities in Orange Walk

    Orange Walk is a fourth leading city of Belize in Central America with an estimated population about 115,986 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2005. Orange Walk has pretty good economic growth and financial position due to plenty of multinational banks and financial institutes. Major commercial and financial institutes of Orange Walk are Belize Bank, Heritage Bank, Atlantic Bank, First Caribbean International Bank and Scotia bank. Villages and farms houses of the city produce agricultural crops and nourish castles to get milk and meat for local requirements. English, Spanish and Kriol are commonly spoken in the region whereas in offices of Orange Walk, English is preferably practiced. Religion freedom is sure fire in Belize with the major dominant religion of Christianity. Roman Catholic is in great strength in the town of Orange Walk.