All the Jobs in Belarus

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  • Jobs in Masty

    Jobs in Masty | Job opportunities in Masty

    Masty is a metropolitan in Hrodna Voblast of Belarus and considered as an administrative unit of the Masty constituency. It is situated beside the Neman River that plays an important role in the best irrigation system and good growing of expensive crops in Masty. There are almost 367,540 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2010. Majority of the Roman Catholics resides in Belarus and under influence of Polish culture everywhere in Masty. Orthodox population is on rank second in highest population of the city. Significant Medical University of Masty is a best source of best paramedical staff and excellent healthcare facilities offered in the hospitals and dispensaries of Masty. The Old Grodno Castle, Grand Duke Monument and Stefan Batory Park are highly attractive for the first time visitors and tourists. Financial position and economy of the town is on good stage and contains highest residency status.

    Jobs in Lepel

    Jobs in Lepel | Job opportunities in Lepel

    Lepel is a municipality positioned in the middle of the Lepiel borough near Lepiel Lake. Lepiel contains approximately 39,400 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2006. Lepel dates back to 1440. It remained under administration of many nations and tribe and Grand Lithuanian Dukes are on top ranking that left many signs in the culture and tradition of their administration. It is a main region of Belarus that is Christian and majority of Roman Catholics resides in the Township. Majority of the population is true believers. Earning options and financial revenue is generated by production units and commercial exports. There are many garments producing factories, tea processing, and foodstuff presentation and petroleum refineries. Preference of the locals is always towards high paid professions in Lepel and service industries come in top priorities.

    Jobs in Bykhaw

    Jobs in Bykhaw | Job opportunities in Bykhaw

    Bykhov is a municipality in the eastern Belarusian region in Mahilyow. It is almost situated 45 km on the Dnieper River and considered as the secretarial hub of Bykhov Raion. Bykhaw contains almost 72,000 population as per national population census conducted during 2009. Bykhov is acknowledged for 17th century synagogue. Investment sector and financial institutes of the town are in abundance and functioning to facilitate the residents by offering borrower friendly credit facilities. Agricultural sector and industrial reformation are main source of betterment and community development projects. Government of Belarus has established an excellent network of roads and highways enabling smooth & safe traveling around the country. While discussing about the earning options and per capita income of the local population, it is s concluded a stable residency in Bykhaw.

    Jobs in Dobrush

    Jobs in Dobrush | Job opportunities in Dobrush

    Dobrush is a city is Belarus having very small population size approximately 30,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2006. It is situated in the Brest Voblast prefecture of Belarus. Mukha River has important role in the development of its agricultural sector. Irrigation channels, canals and minders are best source for providing proper water for water based crops like rice and put sun. Queen Bona Sforza of Poland is a famous name in the history of Dobrush. It is a famous for number of production houses producing textile, garments, leather products and various sports wear. Mostly people of Dobrush prefer working in the nearby cities and major districts of Belarus while rest of the population is linked with industrial sector of the country. Historically it remained a major population of Jews and many Torah scholar and Jewish mentors belongs to Dobrush.

    Jobs in Pruzhany

    Jobs in Pruzhany | Job opportunities in Pruzhany

    Pruzhany is a 20th leading city and commercial town of the Belarus state in ex Russian region that got independence in 1991. Pruzhany has close interaction and allied commercial trade with the Russian federation in huge quantity and no other federation has such involvement in its entire functioning. Belarus and Russia signed a mutual agreement to maintain healthy business relations, non-fighting ventures and strong ties to develop an admiring infrastructure. Financial rely of the Pruzhany is basically on industrial growth and manufacturing units producing a large number of export products having high demand in the western countries. Financial position as well as economic stability of the Pruzhany city is good enough and contains loads of earning options and employment opportunities for fresh graduates. Political stability is also on growth stage and government of Belarus is striving to strengthen its entire political system.

    Jobs in Marina Horak

    Jobs in Marina Horak | Job opportunities in Marina Horak

    Marina Horak is a settlement in Minsk Voblast of the Belarus and is the capital city of Pukhavichy Raion containing almost 35,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2010. It has historic background dating back to 1222 and attained the status of an independent town in 1955. Maryina Horka is situated about 61 km away from the city of Minsk. Overall financial position, national income and GDP of the town are pretty good and indicate a rich and wealthy life style of the residents. Marina Horak is served by major network of roads and highways to connect Belarusian & Babruysk. Textile and chemical units of the city are considered as major employment centers for the local residents. While discussing about the self employed businesses, real estate and brokerage are most demanding fields.

    Jobs in Pastavy

    Jobs in Pastavy | Job opportunities in Pastavy

    Pastavy is a metropolis town of the Vitsebsk Voblast in Belarus and at the same time foremost secretarial axis of the Pastavy constituency. It is a very oldest and historic town of the country dating back to hundreds of years ago. It is a small but well planned and advanced town of the country having almost all the facilities and requirements of a civilized society. Pastavy earns much from its numerous development projects, foreign renitence, government grants and industrial revenue. Majority of the populations is linked with the manufacturing units of Pastavy and earns good salary packages. Overall financial position of the city is pretty good and provides a safe and trendy life style. There are many textile units, oil processing refineries and service industries considered big giants of the region. While discussing about the upcoming challenges in Pastavy, it is concluded that it needs to strengthen its literacy ratio and skilled candidates of different fields.

    Jobs in Hlybokaye

    Jobs in Hlybokaye | Job opportunities in Hlybokaye

    Hlybokaye is a municipality of Vitebsk Oblast region in the country of Belarus. It was ever first time recorded in 1514 as a settlement. Poland and Russian are the main ruling countries that administrated the region for many years and left many memorable traditions in the history and culture of Hlybokaye. There are almost 35,000 people residing in the town and mostly people are linked with fishing and agricultural activities. There are mostly agricultural businesses and activities. For sack of employment, people roam for nearby towns and cities of the Hlybokaye. There are quite a few transport commercial buses that run from almost all the stopovers of the city and enable smooth traveling for students and daily travelers. Earning level and buying capacity of the tenants is also high and Hlybokaye residents live a simple but beautiful life style.

    Jobs in Ivatsevichy

    Jobs in Ivatsevichy | Job opportunities in Ivatsevichy

    Ivatsevichy is a metropolis in the Brest region of Belarus and an imperative managerial hub of the Ivatsevichy borough. There are almost 50,000 inhabitants in Ivatsevichy town that was a small agricultural town of the country till 17th century but after the invasion of polish and Russian merchants, it got expansion and stretched towards present form. There are many agricultural farms and villagers prefer cattle farming along with cultivation of expansive crops. Wheat, sugarcane, corn and rice are largely produced crops whilst in cattle farming best quality of buffalos, cows, and goat, sheep and poultry chicks. Ivatsevichy has an animal husbandry hospital to serve the villagers. Majority of the local residents is linked with agricultural activities, government jobs or in industrial zones of the city. Per capita income and GDP of the township is pretty good and provides a standardized life style to the tenants.

    Jobs in Dzyarzhynskaya Hara

    Jobs in Dzyarzhynskaya Hara | Job opportunities in Dzyarzhynskaya Hara

    Dzyarzhynskaya Hara is the highest top of Belarus that is almost 350 meters high above the sea level and is situated in the west of Skirmuntava village. Previously and original forename of the knoll is Svyataya Hara that was changed as Dzyarzhynskaya Hara in 1958. The lakes, rivers, swamps and marshy lands of Dzyarzhynskaya Hara attract a large number of foreigners and tourists to explore the natural beauty. The town is effortlessly reachable from Dzyarzhynsk municipality. Government has laid a beautiful road network to enable smooth and safe traveling around the country and Hara is also enjoying the state provided facilities. Government of Belarus earns huge revenue from the highways and intercity roads in terms of toll tax. Most of the land area of the Dzyarzhynskaya Hara hill is sheltered by forests & snow caped Hiking, Skiing and trekking meadows.