All the Jobs in Barbados

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  • Jobs in Crab Hill

    Jobs in Crab Hill | Job opportunities in Crab Hill

    Crab Hill is a medium sized township in Barbados situated at the end of parish of Saint Lucy. During rainfall the often came new crabs due to which the city’s names was chosen. Mount Gay North Stars cricket clubs is a prominent and well known place of Crab Hill. In history it was often called as a small fishing town that was mainly trading n seafood and diving for precious pearls in the deep seas of the country. Present infrastructure of the Crab Hill is admired and glimpse as a developed town of the country having all the basic need and facilities. Government has strived to make it a role model and main point for tourism, industry and commercial trade of numerous products being produced locally in the region of Crab Hill but exported in the demanding region of the rest of the world.

    Jobs in Holetown

    Jobs in Holetown | Job opportunities in Holetown

    Holetown is a petite township of Barbados situated in the Caribbean island of Barbados in the vicinity of parish of Saint James in the west shoreline of the island. It is an oldest community and region of the country dating back to 14th century and in previous times it was a small town but with the passage of time it started spreading towards its all four corners. Holetown is a main commercial and trading town of the country having many export business, banks, leasing companies and job providing agencies supporting in quick and easy recruitment process. It is a cool and civilized nation facing moderate climate. Mostly Christians of the country are residing in the township while there is few other religions also non record. It is many time observed in Holetown that people care for others and ethical values.

    Jobs in Bathsheba

    Jobs in Bathsheba | Job opportunities in Bathsheba

    Bathsheba is major fishing town of the Barbados that is situated in the parish of Saint Joseph and contains very minor population around 6,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2007. It is a major town of Christian community and there are many churches and parishes being operative functioning in the land area of Bathsheba. Saint Joseph Anglican Church is a major landmark of the village that was built in 1831 and has very old memories in its structure and erected beauty. Overall financial position f he Bathsheba town is on good stage and annual and gradual growth of national income, GDP and per capita income indicate a stable economic infrastructure in Barbados. Other landmarks and tourist attractions of Bathsheba include Flower Forest and Cotton Tower of Scotland District. It is spread over an average land area of Bathsheba about many kilometers.

    Jobs in Oistins

    Jobs in Oistins | Job opportunities in Oistins

    The beach settlement of Oistins is an area situated in the country of Barbados and lies on the southern segment of the parish of Christ Church. It is a historic fishing village of the Barbados and excellent tourist destination of the country having many attractions and spots for the visitors. It is a main harbor for docking of sailing ships and mostly ships come to get refueling from the port of Oistins. It is a beautiful island of the Barbados having many earning options and jobs for the skilled and technical staff of different fields. Friday night event of Oistins is an excellent and very attractive for the tourist where they may mix and mingle with the locals and can have fun time over there. Fish Fry and lime festivals are main crowd creating occasions and on such time people earns much from the participants by small works and minors jobs of porting, selling and promotions.

    Jobs in Barbados

    Jobs in Barbados | Job opportunities in Barbados

    Barbados is an island nation of the slighter Antilles spread over a land area about 35 kilometers commonly practicing Spanish as a leading language of the town. It remained under the administration of British government. Island of Barbados has an approximate population about 300,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. Barbados attained an autonomous status and Commonwealth realm during 1967 and considered as a richest town of the neighboring states. Barbados is 51st richest region of the globe in terms of highest GDP, excellent per capita income with the collaboration of World Bank, IMF and several other donor agencies. Historically it has major rely on its growing agricultural crops including sugarcane cultivation and tourism sector. Imperative foreign exchange and vigorous light manufacturing sector of the Barbados is major contributor in its national income. After 1990s, the Barbados Government is practicing highest standards and figures of its national income and GDP.

    Jobs in Bridgetown

    Jobs in Bridgetown | Job opportunities in Bridgetown

    The city of Bridgetown is the second leading town and capital city of the Barbados previously famous by the Town of Saint Michael. Some of the population claims it as a city whereas other proclaims the same as town of Barbados. It is bordered by Christ Church and St. James perishes. The Grantley Adams International Airport of Barbados is just 17 kilometers away from the Bridgetown city centre having connective flights among United Kingdom, United States, Canada and the Caribbean. It has fairly good transportation system and traveling modes. Major agricultural crops and export products of the Bridgetown are Sugar, rum, and molasses. Other major earning industries and manufacturing concerns of Bridgetown are Stock exchange and Banks including Barclays Bank, Bank of Nova Scotia, Barbados National Bank, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, RBTT Bank and Royal Bank of Canada.

    Jobs in Speightstown

    Jobs in Speightstown | Job opportunities in Speightstown

    Speightstown is the third principal town of Barbados located just 13 miles away from Bridgetown beside Saint Peter. It is home to major shopping malls and banking concerns. Banks and financial institutes of Speightstown provide borrower friendly credits facilities in its micro financial programs for all those people who are living under poverty line in Speightstown. Economic situation of the tow is on growth stage and government of Barbados is planning to upgrade the infrastructure of Speightstown. Agricultural growth, industrial reformation and tourism are main earning sectors of the country. Agricultural sector in Speightstown is directly linked with excellent irrigation channels and water providing resources. Tube wells are also installed in agricultural land areas of the city to facilities farmers during low watering months. Mining sector and oil refineries of the city are main employers of the region offering different jobs for skilled & semi skilled manpower.