All the Jobs in Bahrain

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  • Jobs in Awali

    Jobs in Awali | Job opportunities in Awali

    Awali is a little metropolis situated about in the heart of the Kingdom of Bahrain and is ranked as a tiny island in Persian Gulf. It was established in the 1930 by Bahrain Petroleum Company due to starting of their operations in the region. Basically it is a town of works and mostly working class resides in the region as many nationalities and all these people who are on working visa remain the town. Refinery at Sitrah is a main employment centers for the community of Awali whereas it’s major competitor and a leading organization of the state is Bahrain’s oil refinery that employs almost 50% of the total population. It is very rich town of the country and people enjoys an excellent life style. Government and private employers pay good salary packages and numerous facilities offered by the government have made the life style excellent.

    Jobs in Al Diraz

    Jobs in Al Diraz | Job opportunities in Al Diraz

    Diraz or often called as Al Diraz is a historical village on west seashore of Bahrain and have strong interaction and involvement in shipping and fishing industries of the country. Bordering cities of the country with Al Diraz are Budaiya and Bani Jamra. Majority of the population is Muslim and belongs to Shia believe. Eighteenth century was a period of Islamic revelation in Al Diraz. Financial position and earning capacity of the town is pretty good and people of the town earn highest per capita income due to rich industries and expanding trade of different commodities. There are few percent minorities belonging to Christianity, Hinduism or Sikh. Government of Bahrain has served the town with many facilities to make it a role model and best attraction for tourists to promote its tourism industry.

    Jobs in Bani Jamrah

    Jobs in Bani Jamrah | Job opportunities in Bani Jamrah

    Bani Jamra is a medium sized village of north Bahrain located in the east of Budaiya town and south of Diraz city of the country. It is generally administrated by the Northern Governorate of Bani Jamrah. Previously Bani Jamrah was a poor city and town of the country but right after the oil discoveries in the land area, people attained better life style in short span of time in Bani Jamrah. Mostly people was attached with agricultural activities in the villages and farm houses of Bani Jamrah but after introduction of mining industry in the land mass, people shifted in switching jobs due to bigger job market in Bani Jamrah. Date palms are a traditional sign of the town and plenty of date farms are observed everywhere in the locality.

    Jobs in Al Hidd

    Jobs in Al Hidd | Job opportunities in Al Hidd

    Al Hidd is a town of in Bahrain situated on sand discharge of Muharraq Island and contains major population of Muslim from the sect of Sunni Muslims. There are much madras and ancient mosque dating back of many centuries ago. Hidd & of Omani descents are main occupants of the land area. Hidd community of the city is mainly engaged in the fields of fishing or pearl diving industries to earn for sack of better living in Al Hidd. Presently it is being administrated by the municipality of state. The Industrial Area of Al Hidd contains many functions and related manufacturing of different commodities having high demand in the western markets. Financial position of the town is very strong and people of the region earn well and lives well in the state.

    Jobs in Adliya

    Jobs in Adliya | Job opportunities in Adliya

    Adliya is the bohemian neighbor town in Manama districts of Bahrain and plays an important role in the economy development and upgrading the life style of the tenants. Adliya is a busiest region of Bahrain due to numerous tourist attractions. Night life of Adliya and the entire Manama is pretty good and contains many attractions for the participants. Financial position of the Adliya town is pretty good and contains excellent life style and highest per capita income. Last year’s statistics of national income indicate gradually growth of GDP and overall production of agricultural crops. There are many agricultural farms and cattle farms to meet their requirements of the locals. Major commerce activities of Bahrain are performed in the land area of the city. It is concluded that if wealth ranking of the cities is being carried out, Adliya will stand on number second.

    Jobs in Jidhafs

    Jobs in Jidhafs | Job opportunities in Jidhafs

    Jidhafs is a prominent town of northern Bahrain having vital role in the technology and education sector of Jidhafs. It is the main capital town of Northern Governorate in Bahrain and contains many foreign company offices, headquarters and many high famed organizations. Overall financial control of the city is administrated by the main elected government that operates on proper democratic requirements and following the true form of democracy in the land area of Jidhafs. There are many small scaled units of garments that engage majority of the tailors and semi skilled labor against competitive pay scales and that is the main reason of low unemployment is being observed in the entire Jidhafs. People of the town enjoys a good life style while residing in the land mass of Jidhafs due to highest per capita income ad maximum earning options.

    Jobs in Budaiya

    Jobs in Budaiya | Job opportunities in Budaiya

    Budaiya is a famous region of Bahrain that is often called as Al Budaiya situated in the northwestern province of Bahrain land mass. Diraz and Bani Jamra are main bordering towns of the country and have strong international trade relations among them. Budaiya is the productive area in the kingdom that is mainly irrigated from freshwater springs and aquifers. There are many agricultural farms to the needs and requirements of local population in Budaiya. Budaiya Road is a main junction points and interaction of the state to connect many other towns and regions of the country to make easy and comfortable distance. The biggest difficulty faced by the township is deforestation owing to new construction in the expanding region. Economy and financial stability is purely reliant of its financial sector, agricultural growth and many.

    Jobs in Sitra

    Jobs in Sitra | Job opportunities in Sitra

    Sitra is an island of Central Governorate in Bahrain and is situated in the east of Bahrain settlement. It is a rich town of the country having high per capita income, maximum earning options and lads of jobs in Sitra. Total population of the town is segregated and scattered among seven momentous villages i.e. Wadyan, Kharijiya, Marguban, agricultural activities and date palm farms are main earning source of villagers. Apart from fruit farming, mostly people nourish and are for cattle and sheep farming to get maximum quantity of milk & meat in the city. The northern belt of the city is segregated for industrial progress and expansion. Bapco oil storage reservoirs are a major company functioning tin he township and considered as main employment source for the locals. Other earning departments and money making systems are linked with car and furniture showrooms having high demand in the vicinity of Bahrain.

    Jobs in Isa Town

    Jobs in Isa Town | Job opportunities in Isa Town

    Isa Town is a central point and average class colony in Bahrain in the central element of the country of Bahrain. The name of Isa refers to Isa ibn Salman Al Khalifah who was the prior leader of Bahrain from 1961 to 1999. To tribute him, Isa Town was established by his name that has sweet memories in the history of Bahrain. Isa Town is a recently constructed villas and is home to loads of Bahrain’s educated middle classes. It is a main cultural and art center of the country having many exhibitions and sales points of exhibition being held in Isa Town. National Income and GDP of the city is on growth stage and rising gradually indicating a positive slope on growth graph. Mostly people prefer working for international companies and mining firms of the country due to excellent pay perks and end service benefits.

    Jobs in A’ali

    Jobs in A’ali | Job opportunities in A’ali

    A’ali is one of the principal towns in Bahrain. It was one of the old metropolises of Mintaqah but after 2002 it is governed by the Central Governorate. A’ali is eminent for its 175,000 plus prehistoric burial mounds and known as the biggest and oldest graveyards f the entire world. A’ali is also prominent for elderly ceramic handicraft and cottage industries of the country. Overall financial position and economy of A’ali is mainly reliant of its underground petroleum reserves and precious metal. Mining section of the city is wealthiest department in terms of highly paid jobs and related services in the town ship. It is situated beside the Riffa and Isa town. Mostly people are linked with agricultural activities while service industries are other contributory element in its national income and GDP.