All the Jobs in Bahamas

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  • Jobs in Dunmore Town

    Jobs in Dunmore Town | Job opportunities in Dunmore Town

    Dunmore Town is a city of Bahamas situated beside the Harbour Island. It is spread over an area of 106 km2 mainly consisted upon forests and the swamplands of Dunmore Town. There are more than 52 orchid species in the region. Dense forests of the town contains numerous beautiful birds, wild life species and carnivorous. It is also called as home of birds due to more than 2000 types. It is a major tourist destination of Bahamas having many tourism companies and camps, hotels, restaurants and safari parks. Two hundred different types of birds are native to the island. Major economic burden of the town is shared by financial institutes, small scaled cottage industry and rising tourism. Dunmore Town is ranked as most demanding town for having retail services and telecommunication channels offering many services to the subscribers.

    Jobs in Clarence Town

    Jobs in Clarence Town | Job opportunities in Clarence Town

    Clarence Town is a settlement in the vicinity of Bahamas and is situated beside the Clarence marina. It is a small village and region of Clarence Town that has less than a thousand local populations. The town is designed with a sophisticated way with the provision of departmental store, grocery stores, gas station and a small beautiful and crowded pub. Locals of Clarence Town are very civilized people and care for ethical and social values. Majority of the people is Christian and belongs to Catholic congregations. Clarence Town contains two main churches to call the people for religion of Christ and offer the prayer meetings and crusades. Anglican Church of the town is very old and has been designed with ancient material and attract majority of the tourists towards its beauty and style.

    Jobs in Andros Town

    Jobs in Andros Town | Job opportunities in Andros Town

    Andros Island is a principal island of the Bahamas region and sixth leading state of the country in West Indies having around 6,000 km2 land areas used for different purposes as living, agricultural, jungles, tourism and many more like. Andros Town is situated and consisted upon three main regions of North, Mangrove Cay and South Andros with the most length barrier reef. Majority of the people of Bahamas call the town as “Big Yard”. Andros Town is blessed with plenty of fresh water and most of the water necessities in the region are pumped from the land area of Andros Town. There are many Rivers flowing in the city and have more than thousands kilometers length that carry water from the rains and supply to the rest of the country for agricultural needs, and prove best irrigation system of the districts.

    Jobs in High Rock

    Jobs in High Rock | Job opportunities in High Rock

    High Rock is a previous borough of the Bahamas country and presently known as the East Grand Bahama. It is a fifth leading commercial town of the country that has many financial Institutes, international banks and manufacturing units of different products. Mostly people of High Rock prefer working in the industrial units of High Rock due to highest salary structures and pay perks offered to the right candidates in High Rock. There are almost 40,000 people residing in the township of High Rock and linked with many earning options like agricultural activities, industry sector, real estate and many other commercial businesses of the state. Overall financial position of the city as well as locals of the town is pretty good and it is reflected from their pretty life style.

    Jobs in Marsh Harbour

    Jobs in Marsh Harbour | Job opportunities in Marsh Harbour

    Marsh Harbour is a settlement in Abaco island of Bahamas country having very minor population due to less residential state but have main functions of the water based earning activities of the country. Marsh Harbour is the third thick populated town of the country having main focus towards its industrial reformation and establishing its tourism sector. Marsh Harbour is ranked and renowned shipbuilding hub of the country having many job vacancies for the shipping personnel as well as engages majority of the customer services, sales and marketing and hotel industry graduates with good pay perks and provides them best possible state facilities. Major revenue in the national income of Marsh Harbour is added with the help of its flourishing tourism sector. Overall weather climate and cultural benefits are always in the favor of human being and wildlife.

    Jobs in Cooper’s Town

    Jobs in Cooper’s Town | Job opportunities in Cooper’s Town

    Cooper’s Town is a state of Abaco district in the region and land area of Bahmas and is famous in the surroundings due to major islands of the country. Cooper’s Town came into existence in the time frame of 1870. In ancient times Cooper’s Town was known as a small fishing and shipping town of the country but now it has many advancement and extensions towards its all four corners and enabled steady success and growth of the Cooper’s Town. Preset financial position and national stability is based on service industries and real estate business engaging many locals in handsome jobs of marketing and advertisement. Cooper’s Town is very prominent in sports and cultural promotion. The Farmers’ Museum, The Fenimore Art Museum, Glimmerglass Opera, and many more land marks are established in perfect manners to attract and facilitate the participants in Cooper’s Town.

    Jobs in Freeport

    Jobs in Freeport | Job opportunities in Freeport

    Freeport is a municipality and free of charge trade district in Grand Bahamas situated almost 90 km away from the Fort Lauderdale of the Bahamas. It is a main swampland region of the Bahamas and is being surrounded by fertile land area of the country as well as ancient sites and structures of the globe. Freeport was established as residence town in ancient times that has attained the status of second most crowded metropolis of the country. There are almost 56,990 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. Majority of the local population of Freeport is linked with agricultural activities to earn for sack of better living in the country. Nassau is a main city of Bahmas that is ranked and labeled as capital city of the country having major traveling modes of road, railway and Bahama International Airport.

    Jobs in Bahamas

    Jobs in Bahamas | Job Opportunities in Bahamas

    The history of the Bahamas is very old and started with the influx of human in the islands during first millennium AD. The very first residents of the area were recognized as the Bahamas who love to speak Taino language. There are 156,000 inhabitants in the city as per national census conducted in 1999. Official and recorded historic culture was established in 1492 when Mr. Christopher Columbus visited this place during his first voyage. With the passage of time European settlement took place in 1647 on the land mass of Eleuthera. Another major influx of human was a result of slave trade by Africans in 18th century. On July 10, 1973, the Bahamas got an independence from the United Kingdom. The Bahamas has a very stable economy that is dependent on tourism and offshore depository. Tourism industry accounts for more than 60% of GDP and half of the population is employed in tourism sector.

    Jobs in Nassau

    Jobs in Nassau | Job Opportunities in Nassau

    Nassau is the capital & major city of the Bahamas. It is estimated that there are more than 260,000 inhabitants as per census conducted in 2008. It is well said that more than 80% of the entire Bahamas is inhabited in Nassau city. The city is situated on the island of New Providence, which act as a federal district. Due to non availability of local government in the city, it is governed directly by the national government. 200 years ago, Nassau started its way to success after the influx of American Loyalists and imprisoned Africans to the Bahamas during the war of independence. After the civil war, many Africans preferred to remain and shift permanently in Nassau instead to go back in their native home lands.

    Jobs in Lucaya

    Jobs in Lucaya | Job Opportunities in Lucaya

    Lucaya is a developing city of Bahamas that is mainly occupied by the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and its followers. Christianity is dominant in this area and people of the Lucaya city are considered very liberal and spiritual having strong believes on trinity, rapture and second arrival of the Christ. Overall economic structure of the Lucaya city is convincingly stable. Main sectors of revenue generation are mining, tourism, agriculture and large scaled industry i.e. manufacturing of auto parts, construction, steel processing and mineral refineries. There are almost 60,000 inhabitants in the city as per census conducted in 2002. Majority of the population is educated and intends to work white collar jobs. All the domestic production is normally consumed in the city whereas leftover products are exported to earn foreign revenue.