All the Jobs in Azerbaijan

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  • Jobs in Shamakhi

    Jobs in Shamakhi | Job opportunities in Shamakhi

    Shamakhi is a metropolis of Azerbaijan having around 40,000 populations as of 2010 population census. It is renowned city of Azerbaijan for conventional dancers and several musical lovers. In past Shamakhi faced earthquake attacks that destroyed the city and its entire infrastructure but continuous efforts of several multinational organizations, NGOs and international community organization, present structure of the city is quite changed and there are many developments in process. Majority of the Muslim community resides in the region and have constructed various beautiful mosques such as Juma mosque. In old period, English commercial factory of the Shamakhi was major employment center in the region but presently there are many new manufacturing units and industrial plants that provide many job vacancies to the skilled personnel of different fields.

    Jobs in Gobustan

    Jobs in Gobustan | Job opportunities in Gobustan

    Gobustan is a knoll and mountainous land area in the vicinity of Azerbaijan. Big Caucasian Ridge belt is main occupant region of the local tenants in Gobustan beside the flowing beautiful River of Jeyrankechmaz. Pirsagat and Sumgait hounds are conclusion of major unity commodores of the region. The township of Gobustan is about 45 kilometers away from the Baku city in Azerbaijan. Official declaration of the city was made in 1966. Major economy and financial system of the city is mainly reliant on its industrial units and some financial institutes being functioning in the region since last two decades. Tourism sector of the town is major earning source from the tourists coming from different areas of the world to explore the natural beauty and ancients sites. UNESCO World Heritage Site has listed the city in their official categories.

    Jobs in Lankaran

    Jobs in Lankaran | Job opportunities in Lankaran

    Lankaran is a conurbation in Azerbaijan on the seashore of the Caspian Sea being bordered by Iran. There are around 75,249 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2008. Major economic burden of Lankaran is shared by its agricultural activities. Vegetable growing is carried on large scale in the fields as well as tea growing & collection, paddy cultivating, cattle farming and allied breeding services, citrus plantation and gardening, beekeeping for honey collection on large industrial scales, fishing and grain agricultural. Subtropical weather climate, accessibility of fertile land excessive water channels are ideal factors for agricultural growth in any area of the world and Lankaran is blessed among all. Industrial up rise is in process and many new industrial units are functioning in the region and employ almost 40% population in direct employment against attractive pay perks.

    Jobs in Khankendi

    Jobs in Khankendi | Job opportunities in Khankendi

    Khankendi is the leading city and wealthy town of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic in Azerbaijan. There are around 60,000 people residing in the land mass from major strength belongs to Muslim, Christians and non believers. International recession and war attacks had pushed back the economic system but present situation is quite changed and Khankendi seems a financially stable city of Azerbaijan. Present scene has showed numerous new opening and launching of hotels such as Nairi Hotel to attract foreigners and elite class of the township. Present major residency of Christians has made numerous church buildings and social community halls. Financial rely of Khankendi is always towards its flourishing agricultural sector, industrial up rise and tourism on large scale. There are some natural resources in the land area of Khankendi like oil, gas, natural petroleum and metals having high demand in the western countries.

    Jobs in Nakhchivan

    Jobs in Nakhchivan | Job opportunities in Nakhchivan

    Nakhchivan is a city of Azerbaijan situated about 451 km away from the west of Baku regions. Nakhchivan is consisted upon Nakhchivan and Başbaşı, Qarağalıq, and Daşduz villages and being administrated by a central administration authority. Nakhchivan River is the important irrigation source and best contributory factor in agricultural growth. Traditionally Nakhchivan is famous for having excellent resources and earning sectors like trade industry, handicraft manufacturing, shoemaking industry and hat manufacturing. Hotel industry and international food chain markets are other best earning source in the township. General life style and buying capacity of Nakhchivan people is attractive enough and provides best possible services to the participants. Some of the hot dishes and favorite cuisines of the Nakhchivan people is plov with gravy, komba, tendir lavash and galin. People love to spend in markets that reflect rich history of the buyers.

    Jobs in Shirvan

    Jobs in Shirvan | Job opportunities in Shirvan

    Shirvan is a municipality in Azerbaijan situated on the opening side of Kura River. This Rivers plays an important role in the agricultural growth and good growing irrigation channels in the township as well as other nearby areas of Azerbaijan. Shirvan name was decided in 2008 in a proper democratic way in the house of parliament. Shirvan contains hot and humid weather climate in the region while winters become so cold and chill breeze junk the atmosphere with an average temperature of up to -6 °C. There are two main social gathering and demographic groups generally called as Azerbaijanis that are about 99% while rest of the population is Meskhetian Turks. Overall financial position of the state is on agricultural growth, industrial stabilization and international commercial trade of different commodities in the western countries.

    Jobs in Yevlakh

    Jobs in Yevlakh | Job opportunities in Yevlakh

    Yevlakh is a diminutive conurbation in Azerbaijan and about 266 km away from the Baku town of the country. Yevlakh is important city of the country having major earning options for engineers and paramedical staff in the rising healthcare systems and flouring mining firms of the country. Major agricultural activities and expensive crops of the Yevlakh are grain and cotton whilst cattle breeding is also a distinguish feature of the township and makes it prominent among other agricultural towns of the country. Other export agricultural commodities of the city include potato, vegetable of mixed seasons, watermelon and numerous fruits. Construction business is rising gradually and engages majority of the unskilled and uneducated personnel in laborer jobs with reasonable pay perks while civil engineers and other technologies earns much in Yevlakh.

    Jobs in Shaki

    Jobs in Shaki | Job opportunities in Shaki

    Shaki is a metropolis in the northwestern districts of Azerbaijan in the vicinity of the country. Shaki is located in the southern fraction of Caucasus Mountain around 325 km away from the Baku region of the Azerbaijan. There are almost 83,000 inhabitants in Shaki as of 2007 population census. Shaki town is famous for having a major share in the silk industry and depends for financial growth towards agricultural activities. Mostly villagers of Shaki bring into being tobacco, grape wine, cattle farming, nuts production, cereals growth and milk to meet the local requirements in the city. Majority of the local residents of the city prefers working in silk factory, gas plant, brick factories, wine manufacturing and Dairy Farm due to market based competitive salary structure offered to the right selection.

    Jobs in Bakixanov

    Jobs in Bakixanov | Job opportunities in Bakixanov

    Bakıxanov is a conclusion and town of Baku region in Azerbaijan labeled after the Abbasgulu Bakikhanov. Bakixanov has around 79,925 inhabitants as per population census conducted during 20087. Mosque and public parks are true source of people attractions in Bakixanov. It is a major town of Azerbaijan containing large number of Muslim community in the region whilst some other denomination and religions are also in practice in the township but all the population is in minority. Bulbul Lake is a well known and admired tourist attraction in the city and provides a real fun time to the visitors and active participants. Almost 25 well known organizations and mining firms of the region are functioning in the township and engage almost 43% of the total population in handsome and high paid jobs in Bakixanov according to the candidacy and expertise of the applicants.

    Jobs in Ali Bayramli

    Jobs in Ali Bayramli | Job opportunities in Ali Bayramli

    Ali Bayramli is a former village of Azerbaijan and a developed borough in the Zaqatala Rayon districts of the country. It is a small town of the country having only few thousands population in its land area and entire of the population is linked with service industries, agricultural activities and commercial trade of numerous commodities in Ali Bayramli. Financial position and stability of Ali Bayramli is mainly reliant of earning sectors of the region. Petroleum industry of the country is considered as a main earning sector of the region and pays well to the affiliated personnel of different categories. Proven oil reserves of Caspian Basin is being shared with Russia, Kazakhstan, Iran, and Turkmenistan. Road networks and highways of the town of Ali Bayramli are true source of crowd creation and promoting its flourishing tourism industry.