All the Jobs in Aruba

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  • Jobs in Aruba

    Jobs in Aruba | Job opportunities in Aruba

    Aruba is a 32 km elongated island in southern Caribbean Sea situated about 28 km of the Venezuela. Often it is called as ABC islands chain of Lesser Antilles. Aruba is one of the most important and prominent Kingdom of Netherlands having an arid, cactus strewn countryside and very attractive for foreigners and visitors. It has a total land area about 182 KM square with an estimated population about 203,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. Economy of Aruba is served with highest living standards in Caribbean province. People have highest per capita income and a lot of earning opportunities around the region of Aruba. Unemployment rate is very low and almost all the working aged people get easy jobs around the city in well known production houses and factories. Aruba is an autonomous country and dominant in oil processing units.

    Jobs in Babijn

    Jobs in Babijn | Job opportunities in Babijn

    Babijn is an imperative township of Aruba situated towards the heart of the island havening less than 100,000 population as per national population census conducted during 2008. Babijn is very old settlement of the region having old history dating back to 1008. It is a small town of Aruba but actively participate in the national support programs and other related activates. Economically Babijn is on growth stage and faces several challenges in form of healthcare facilities, educational insufficient infrastructure, and improper roads network and transportation system. Mostly people prefer to use train traveling services to avoid distant road traveling in Babijn. Presently government of Aruba has assigned several construction projects to high tech and multinational construction companies to upgrade and maintain its transportation system and highways network. Babijn is a visiting spot for tourists that come to explore its mountainous beauty hiking.

    Jobs in Oranjestad

    Jobs in Oranjestad | Job opportunities in Oranjestad

    Oranjestad is the capital and most essential metropolis of Aruba situated on southern shoreline of the island. Oranjestad is served with excellent road network and transportation tools as compare to other cities of the country. Caya G. F. Betico Croesis is a leading shopping street of Oranjestad with several extensions such as Lloyd G. Smith Boulevard and thoroughfare in the city. It is a major port city of the country that has major business related with fishing and shipbuilding. Barcadera is another port of the Oranjestad town having few shipping facilities and low space. Economically it is a rich city of the Aruba and spends handsome income on leisure and fun time activates during weekends and on holidays. Shipbuilding industry of Oranjestad is very famous in its neighboring countries and in competitors. National income and growth rate is reasonably high and leads towards a stable economic status.

    Jobs in Angochi

    Jobs in Angochi | Job opportunities in Angochi

    Angochi is a medium sized village of the island of Aruba situated at the center of the island bordered by Catashi, Mon Pos, Shabiruri, Rooi Prikichi, Tamarijn, Bushiribana and Fontein. Daimari beach and bay is a beautiful tourist attraction in Angochi. It has an estimated population about 50,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2010. Economically it is a rich town of Aruba having many fishing firms and boating companies functioning in the region since so long. Government is very keen to upgrade the entire infrastructure of Angochi with latest and advanced technology. National income is gradually rising and it is predicted that Angochi village will be an advanced town of the country. Presently there are quite a few industrial concerns dealing in oil processing units, textile manufacturing units, energy generating plant and irrigation water reservoir. Irrigation system of the Angochi is quite satisfactory for supporting its farming and agriculture sector.

    Jobs in Arasji

    Jobs in Arasji | Job opportunities in Arasji

    Arashi is a beach town of the island of Aruba nearby California Lighthouse. Arashi Beach is situated on the outer edge of Malmok beach quite famous for shallow waters and public beaches. Arasji is fully equipped with media advancement and information technology. People of Arasji are well educated and working in different multinational companies and reputed firms of Aruba country. Mostly people love to speak English as official and public language of the region whereas there are many other native languages widely spoken in the land area of Arasji. Textile manufacturing and cotton production is interconnected fields and providing a different variety to the customers. Girls and female love to go out for window shopping and chit chat with friends whereas male people of the population always seem busy in earning money like a machine. People of Arasji enjoy a simple and tension free life with plenty of creative ideas and productive tasks to do.