All the Jobs in Armenia

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  • Jobs in Ashtarak

    Jobs in Ashtarak | Job opportunities in Ashtarak

    Ashtarak is an industrial and engineering town of the country of Armenia on the depository of Kasagh River besides gorge and about 1100 meters high above the sea level. Mostly people call it and remember as the capital town of Aragatsotn territory. Ashtarak contains around 60,000 populations as per national population census conducted during 2008 and pay well to the employees of the local tenancy. Rising industrial enterprises and cultural establishment earns really well and share in the national income of the country. There are many banks and international financial chains of Ashtarak offering numerous facilities and offers to the business and investors in the township. Ashtarak-Kat is known by supplying huge quantity of dairy and ice cream foodstuffs of Armenia in short span of ordering time.

    Jobs in Masis

    Jobs in Masis | Job opportunities in Masis

    Masis is a civic center of Armenia in Ararat prefecture of the country and lies beside the beautiful flowing River of Hrazdan. Masis is known as an earning and industrial town of the country with loads of manufacturing units and energy generating plants. It is an independent and developed nation of the country that has excellent living standards and highest per capita income in Masis. Infrastructure of Masis is pretty good and linked with many highways and road networks. Government of Armenia is very caring for the development and upgrading of its general departments from education, healthcare, and transportation and trade activities to promote a health and standardized life style and cool residency. There are almost 100,000 people residing in the land area of Masis as per national population census conducted during 2008 and their living is reliant of highest per capita income of the local tenants.

    Jobs in Goris

    Jobs in Goris | Job opportunities in Goris

    Goris is a conurbation in the Syunik Marz districts of Armenia that is situated in the gorge of Goris Rriver. Goris contains an estimated population about 120,840 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2006 and contains an ideal weather climate & temperature. Mostly region of the town and surrounding mountains are true source of highest and well demanding mining firms that excavates for natural resources and metals in the land area of Goris. Shinuyar Airport is a biggest contributor of easy and affordable traveling in the entire country. Apart from the air routes of Goris, there are some other major traveling modes and tools including roads, highways, private and public transports and railway line. Greenery Mountain is real beauty of God blessed abundantly and attract majority of tourists. Financial position and economy of the Goris is pretty good and mainly reliant of its small scaled agricultural activities, cottage industries and flourishing tourism.

    Jobs in Artashat

    Jobs in Artashat | Job opportunities in Artashat

    Artashat is a municipality of Armenia besides the Araks River bordering by Ararat valley. It is one of the oldest and historic towns of the country that have many links with 04th century. Majority of the land areas and districts of Armenia in Artashat are inspired by the Iranian culture and commonly it is observant that Iranian benchmarks and quotations are in practice. It has very less population and contains an excellent and ideal crime free society. National income and economy of the town is rising gradually and works with full determination. Roads network is somehow satisfactory but most of the roads require due consideration and quick maintenance. While discussing about the earning departments and sectors of the Artashat, it is well said that there are many smalls scaled and cottage industries producing many handicrafts and allied services.

    Jobs in Gavar

    Jobs in Gavar | Job opportunities in Gavar

    Gavar is an Armenian town and situated in the western side of the wide mountainous chains and side by dense forest. It was famous in history by the name of Nor Bayezet or Novyi Bayazet till late 1960s and elevation level of Gavar is about 6000 feet high above the sea line. Lake Sevan is a best and admired tourist destination of the Gavar town and earns maximum foreign capital from the foreigners. According to the religions and denominations in Gavar, it is concluded that there are majority of Christians in the entire region whilst there are many other religions also on record. Mostly Christians of Gavar are affiliated with Armenian Apostolic Church. Financial position and national economy of the city is pretty good and rising gradually and noticeably high.

    Jobs in Armavir

    Jobs in Armavir | Job opportunities in Armavir

    Armavir is a city of Armenia situated in the western region of the country and is surrounded by various mountainous chains and provides a real scenic beauty. It is considered as fourth highly populated town of the country and contains historic background with mining and textile sector. Textile products in Armavir are highly demanding in the nearby countries and earn sufficient foreign capital. Roads network and highways connects the city of Armavir with many other towns and districts of Armenia and provides a safe drive around. Departmental functioning in Armavir is linked with advanced technology and digitals systems have reduced manual work in the entire daily life of Armavir inhabitants. The township faced many external threats and shaking economic infrastructure compelled the local government to take remedial measures about its financial future.

    Jobs in Ararat

    Jobs in Ararat | Job opportunities in Ararat

    Ararat is a metropolitan in Armenia in the territory of Ararat and almost 43 km away from the Yerevan. Ararat is famous due to existence of Ararat Cement Factory established in 1927 and a village of Davalu. Presently Ararat contains cement plant and the Gold Recovery Company that contributes a lot in its national revenue of the state in Armenia. It has close association with the world’s best and renowned companies. Financial position and stability is dependant of agricultural activities in Ararat whilst industrial growth and cottage industry works for the bulk production of required commodities. Mostly people of Ararat are linked with agricultural activities or with mining sector due to highest salary structures and excellent end service benefits. Cyanide nitrate chemical processing units are secondary supporting pillars of its financial sector.

    Jobs in Kapan

    Jobs in Kapan | Job opportunities in Kapan

    Kapan is the capital city of Syunik prefecture in Armenia and is about 316 km away from the Yerevan. There are around 50,500 people in the region a per population census conducted in 2010. Major economic infrastructure of Kapan is influenced by Karabakh war that destroyed almost entire sector but steady strives of the local industrialists and government made its lost status prominent enough. Majority of the population in Kapan is linked with its mining industry and earn a lot by various professions. General life style of the general public is quite satisfactory and reflects lavish trends. The furniture manufacturing and textile ginning to cutting, knitting and stitching are richest source of foreign capital. Copper mines and processing units are contributing handsome amount in the national income of Armenia.

    Jobs in Abovyan

    Jobs in Abovyan | Job opportunities in Abovyan

    Abovyan is a city of Armenia in the territory of Kotayk and situated about 15 km away from the Yerevan and Hrazdan. It is a very small town of the country and has few thousands population that is occupying almost 8 km² land area. It is connected with motorway and railway line to facilitate the daily travelers. Mostly people of the nearby countries and region calls it by the name of “Northern Gate of Yerevan”. Abovyan was found in 1963 and is constructed on Kotayk plateau flanked by Hrazdan, Azat and Getar River. While discussing about the weather climate and cultural affiliation of Abovyan town, it is concluded that hot summers and cold winters are always welcoming new comers. Majority of top industries and well developed factories are functioning in the region since so long and provides their share in its total GDP and national income annually.

    Jobs in Hrazdan

    Jobs in Hrazdan | Job opportunities in Hrazdan

    Hrazdan is the capital of Kotayk prefecture of Armenia. Its name is derived from the Persian language. It is considered as the fifth major town of the country by its population size around 100,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2004. Hrazdan is located in the eastern fraction of Armenia and being bordered by Pambak mountains, Tsakhkunyats mountains, Geghama Mountains and Goutanasar Mountain due to which its entire surrounding is admired by tourists and frequent visitors. Hrazdan River is very important water source for its irrigation and good growing crops in the land area. Geographically elevatin of Hrazdan is about 1750 meters high above the sea level. Hrazdan is blessed with top earning sectors and growing industries of the town and care for thermoelectrical power generation, hydro power plants, cement manufacturing, carpet manufacturing, electrical equipment preparation and dairy business.