All the Jobs in Anguilla

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  • Jobs in Anguilla

    Jobs in Anguilla | Job opportunities in Anguilla

    Anguilla is a British territory in the Caribbean of Leeward Islands at Lesser Antilles that is spread over an average land area about 26 km square. The Valley is an official capital town of the township of Anguilla. It is nearly occupied with an estimated populate of about 21,000 inhabitants as of 2009 population census. It is surrounded by Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands. Anguilla’s economy is mainly reliant of natural resources and mining firms that have been functioning in the region since so long and contributing noticeably high in the national income of the residents. Tourism, offshore banking & financial institutes and fishing are other major earning sectors of the state. Though Anguilla is a small town but has loads of underground natural resources ad wealth reserves.

    Jobs in The Valley

    Jobs in The Valley | Job opportunities in The Valley

    The Valley is the official capital state of Anguilla and on the main edge of the island containing only around 91,500 inhabitants as of 2005 population census. Basically The Valley is a historical city of the region having links with year 1012 and contains numerous ancient reserves. Wallblake House is a memorable landmark of The Valley that was approximately constructed in 1786 and still presents a proper and perfect look. Markets and shopping centers are fully developed in 21st century with Indian style cottages. The Crocus Hill zrea is remarked as the major industrial region and contain a large number of shopping markets and publics affairs in The Valley. Overall economic condition and financial position of the state is on growth stage and facing several disasters of international financial draw backs.

    Jobs in Stoney Ground

    Jobs in Stoney Ground | Job opportunities in Stoney Ground

    Stoney Ground is 4th major town and conurbation of Anguilla having more than 11,435,974 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2008. Basically it is an agricultural cum industrial region of Anguilla and contributing reasonably high amount in the nation income of the country. It has a vast fertile agricultural land area used for different crops and in Stoney Ground, mostly people grow cotton, sugarcane, wheat, pulses and different vegetables that are locally consumed on large scale whilst many agricultural products are exported in the western markets against high revenue. It is the need of the hour to reform its agricultural industry to meet the future and upcoming challenges of next century. Government has great plans for its industrial growth as well. Stoney Ground share many million dollars in the nation income of the country and producing excellent and quality oriented products.

    Jobs in Island Harbor

    Jobs in Island Harbor | Job opportunities in Island Harbor

    Island Harbor is borough of Anguilla that is famous for its beautiful beaches and modern hotels and adjacent restaurants. Mostly people come in Island Harbor for arranging trips and picnics. It is a beloved spot of foreign visitors and annual tourists. Island Harbor has historical background dating back to the 08th century and was known as fishing village. Presently there are many advanced shipping, sailing and boating spots in the township. Economy of Island Harbor is reliant of fisheries and mining activities. There are many well known and famed shipping units dealing in Island Harbor and considered as a major job placement center for the local as well as qualifying foreigners. Mostly people are elementary educated and falls in unskilled labor that are employed by the fishing firms and sailing merchants.

    Jobs in George Hill

    Jobs in George Hill | Job opportunities in George Hill

    George Hill is one of the leading towns of Anguilla districts that are very famous for its industrial growth and agricultural commodities. It is enriched state of Anguilla that is ranked on top among all other cities and districts of the country for growing large scale of whet, cotton and sugarcane. It historical background it linked with 08th century and till now there are many sign of the ancient ruler ship in George Hill. Previously it was under confederation of Anguilla provincial management system but got free from its bondages later on and declared to be the part of the country. Financial position and economic growth of the region is reliant of industrial uprising with huge amount of foreign capital. Mining industries re on boom in George Hill and considered as the biggest employment pillar of the country employing almost 50% of the total population in direct employment.