All the Jobs in Angola

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  • Jobs in Caluquembe

    Jobs in Caluquembe | Job opportunities in Caluquembe

    Caluquembe is a municipality and borough of Huila prefecture in Angola. Majority of Roman Catholic community lived in this region since last many centuries and presently there are many perishes and sub offices run by the administration of Catholic management. Evangelical Protestants are also on a great strength in Caluquembe that mainly focus on bible studies and preaching with many other related services like humanity based working and rehabilitation work for emergency issues. Financial position of the Caluquembe town is on growth stage and government is in great concern to increase its earning resources and industries. Agricultural growth and mining activities works well in earning foreign revenue and provides maximum job opportunities to the local residents. Healthcare system of Caluquembe is reliant of Swiss Alliance Missionaire Evangelique.

    Jobs in Caxito

    Jobs in Caxito | Job opportunities in Caxito

    Caxito is a municipality and kibbutz capital of Bengo districts of Angola bordering by the Angolan Railways passes through. It is a 20th leading conurbation of Angola that is financially rich and contains leading financial institutes and international banks in its land area. It has more than 175,000 population as per national population census conducted during 2008. Caxito has reasonably good per capita income and buying capacity indicating a rich life style of the local residents in Caxito. Mostly people of Caxito works for mining firms and petroleum firms while there are many manufacturing units and processing industries dealing in different commodities. Agricultural farming is another major source of earning while mostly people of the villages in Caxito are linked with cattle and poultry farming business.

    Jobs in Longonjo

    Jobs in Longonjo | Job opportunities in Longonjo

    Longonjo is a settlement and metropolis in Huambo prefecture of Angola. It is 23rd important and leading city of Angola having almost 100,000 populations as of 2008 population census. It has good foreign relations and commercial interactions with many developed nations of the globe and that is the main reason that it is being funded by numerous well known international organizations and donor agencies to steam line its industrial sector. It is surrounded by hilly peaks and snow filled mountains. Mostly visitors comes to explore the sloppy rocks and hiking on longest peaks. Economically it is dependant of its tourism industry and oil refinery units dealing in the region for last many centuries. People of Longonjo are rich in monitory terms and enjoy a lavish life style while residing in Longonjo.

    Jobs in Mbanza Kongo

    Jobs in Mbanza Kongo | Job opportunities in Mbanza Kongo

    Mbanza Kongo was historically known as São Salvador and attains the status of a capital town of Angola’s Zaire prefecture. It was first time discovered before the invasion of Portuguese since 1482. It is being bordered by Democratic Republic of the Congo and situated on top of flat topped mountains beside the beautiful river of Luezi River. It is an important and beautiful river of the country that has many earning resources with the flow of water as many people has a profession of staining gold layers from the water and some time they luckily discover precious beads and pearls as well as plenty of fish species and seafood. Royal Museum of Mbanza Kongo is an ancient and traditional landmark of Mbanza Kongo having a large assortment of preserved objects.

    Jobs in Menongue

    Jobs in Menongue | Job opportunities in Menongue

    Menongue is a municipality and borough of Cuando Cubango prefecture in Angola. It is a medium sized territory in Angola having railway line and road network in excellent and proper manners. It has more than 70,000 people in its land area and is affiliated with the major activities of agriculture. During ancient times it was called by the name of Serpa Pinto. It got its independence in 1975. Historical background of the Menongue town is rapped with many failures and ruler ships. It got many losses in the World War II that destroyed its entire infrastructure and earning phase was crashed. Presently it is rising gradually and exporting major products of wheat, cereals, Coffee and rice. Textile is another major earning sector of the Menongue town. Knitted and woven cloth is made on large scale to export in the neighboring markets.

    Jobs in Sumbe

    Jobs in Sumbe | Job opportunities in Sumbe

    Sumbe is an industrial and 20th major town of the Angola territory situated in the west central region of Angola. It is a small but developed town of the country having almost 50,000 populations as per national population census conducted during 2008. There are many textile units producing large scale of woven and knitted products due to easy availability of raw material in Sumbe. Cheap labor cost has made it possible for new industrialists to grow rapidly in the vicinity of Sumbe and that is the reason that huge influx of foreign investors has been observed during last few years. Government of Angola has declared the Sumbe town as an industrial hub of the region and focus to develop the same with international standards. Oil and natural resources are abundantly functioning and contributing in the national growth and income of the country.

    Jobs in Saurimo

    Jobs in Saurimo | Job opportunities in Saurimo

    Saurimo is a 19th lading and foremost town of Angola that is contributing in the national income of the country by its major share of agricultural products, industrial products and flourishing truism industry. It is almost 3,547 ft high above the sea level and contains an estimated and approximate population around 210,000 people as of 2009 population census. There are many gardens and fruit farms in the vicinity of the Saurimo that are growing vegetables and many other fruits on large scale. Wheat, sugarcane and maize are the most beloved crops of the region due to fertile land area and excellent irrigation channels in Saurimo. Cotton is another source of revenue generation that is used on large scale in the growing textile sector of the country and engages more than 60 percent population in its direct employment with attractive perks.

    Jobs in Uige

    Jobs in Uige | Job opportunities in Uige

    Uige is the 18th leading town and municipality of Angola mainly dealing in agricultural activities and petroleum deliverance. Other subdivisions and municipalities of Uige are Zombo, Quimbele, Damba, Mucaba, Buengas, Sanza Pombo, Alto Quitexe, Ambuila and Songo. Uige faced many hardships and external war threats during World War II due to which its entire infrastructure was demolished, much causality were occurred and thousands of the people were internally displaced. Economically it is a developing town of the country and has been major dependant of foreign aids and funding of NGO’s. IMF and world bank has been continuously striving to upgrade its infrastructure, streamline its working and develop its industrial segment to tackle the poverty alleviation issues. Presently there are many new empowerment project going on with the joint venture of international NGO’s and donor agencies to uplift the attended community and provide them reasonable skills and relevant jobs.

    Jobs in Cabinda

    Jobs in Cabinda | Job opportunities in Cabinda

    Cabinda is a conurbation of Angola having a capital town named Cabinda. It has an estimated population about 400,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2008 and is spread over 7,824 km2 land area. Basically it is an agricultural town of the country but has many advanced and latest industrial units dealing in energy generating, textile weaving and knitting, petroleum processing and distributing in Cabinda. Privatization has boost up the commercial trade and business of Cabinda with high rate in short span of time. Cabinda people are very rich and love to spend time in recreational activities in their free time. Cabinda region is separated into four municipalities – Belize, Buco Zau, Cabinda and Cacongo for better administration and control over the society. Previous it had been noticed as s small agricultural village but after the discovery of oil and natural resources, its destiny was changed into a wealthiest town.

    Jobs in Soyo

    Jobs in Soyo | Job opportunities in Soyo

    Soyo is a metropolis situated in the prefecture of Zaire in Angola that is known as the biggest and largest oil producing district of the country of Angola. It is a richest town and state of the country having an estimated 1,200,000 barrels per day oil capacity. Soyo is a wealthiest and stable economic town of the country with highest per capita income and maximum job placement centers in its oil refinery companies and related active departments. There are many small and medium sized textile units, leather processing and steel processing areas of the town. Soyo was characteristically lined in the sixteenth century by a Kongo’s royal family. It got its independence in 1641and till now practicing its own constitution and departmental infrastructure. There is an excellent network of roads and highways in the region to facilitate daily travelers around the country.