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  • Jobs in Arinsal

    Jobs in Arinsal | Job opportunities in Arinsal

    Arinsal is a rural community of Andorra lies on 2561 meters high above the sea level beside the country of France. During summer it present a beautiful look due to travelers and adults roaming on high speed heavy bikes and all the roads look like a biker’s town of Andorra. During winters it is used as a skiing and snowboarding destination of Andorra. The first ski lifts were installed in 1972 in Arinsal and later on many other expansions were introduced after seeing the huge demand of the visitors. Financial position and economic growth of Arinsal is on average but rising gradually. Government has many innovatory plans for the reformation and upgrading of its tourism industry because tourism is the biggest earning sector of the state. Mostly people of the township are liked with small scaled farming, cattle farming or handcrafting.

    Jobs in Pas de la Casa

    Jobs in Pas de la Casa | Job opportunities in Pas de la Casa

    Pas de la Casa is a ski resort, municipality and stack pass in Andorra situated in the border of France. It is linked with famous tunnel of Envalira Tunnel. It is a developing town of Andorra having a fewer population and land area about 1,852 KM square and 98,000 population. Mostly people are linked with agricultural, farming, sailing and government jobs. Earning power and buying capacity of the people is reasonably good and indicate a rich life style. Pas de la Casa is ranked as a rising and growing financial town of the country with many manufacturing and processing units dealing in chemical, petroleum products and leather. There are beautiful and smooth network of roads, highways, railway and air routes to facilitate daily passengers. Mostly people of Pas de la Casa prefer for working government jobs whilst rest of the population go in daily wagers.

    Jobs in Ordino

    Jobs in Ordino | Job opportunities in Ordino

    Ordino is a city of Andorra region beside Sant Julia de Loria and surrounded by Ansalonga, Arans, Arcalís, El Serrat, La Cortinada, Les Salines, Llorts, Segudet and Sornàs villages famous for the bulk production of vegetables, fruits and dairy products of Ordino. Ordino contains an estimated population about 98,985 people as of 2010 population census. Majority of the local residents in Ordino belongs to Christianity where major dominant denomination is Protestant whilst Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, UP and Salvation Army is also recorded. Apart from Christianity, there are many Muslim, Hindu and other religion in the vicinity of Ordino. It is almost 1,298 meters high above the sea level. Ordino is situated on the footslopes of Casamanya and considered as a major tourist destination. Financial position of the city is pretty good and all financial position of the town is reliant of its agricultural growth, industrial units and rising tourism.

    Jobs in Canillo

    Jobs in Canillo | Job opportunities in Canillo

    Canillo is an oldest and ancient town of Andorra having historical background dating back to 1249. It has an estimated population almost 178,963 inhabitants as of 2009 population census. National database of stock exchange indicate a stable economy and financial infrastructure of Canillo. Employment rate is pretty good and unemployment is very minimal in Canillo. There are many industrial units, oil refineries and textile factories producing knitted and woven products. Iron processing and melting plants employ more than 18% unskilled labor of Canillo in daily jobs therefore government has imposed various taxes on daily wage muster roll. Wheat, sugarcane, maize and corn are main products of the city. Mostly production of its agricultural contribution is consumed on national level and some time wheat is being exported by the nearby counties.

    Jobs in La Massana

    Jobs in La Massana | Job opportunities in La Massana

    La Massana is one of the seven parishes in Andorra situated in the northwest of the countryside having a name meaning of “Land of Apples”. There are a large number of gardens and Apple farms in the vicinity of La Massana. Basically it is an agricultural state of Andorra with major share of vegetable and fruits. Geographically it is surrounded with high mountains and hilly areas of the country. Some of the foremost and important villages of La Massana include Pal, Arinsal, Erts, Sispony, and Escàs with few settlements Xixerella, Mas de Ribafeta, El Pui, and Puiol Del Piu. It has good foreign relations and trade activities among nearby developed nations of the country. Majority of the local residents is linked with agricultural growth and related farming while rest of the population prefer after graduation to join white collar jobs.

    Jobs in Sant Julia de Loria

    Jobs in Sant Julia de Loria | Job opportunities in Sant Julia de Loria

    Sant Julia de Loria is one of the parishes in Andorra districts of the country. For better governmental control and general administration over the country there are many subdivisions and parishes namely Bixessarri, Aixàs, Nagol, Aixirivall, Auvinyà, Juberri, Fontaneda, and Canolich and many more. Economic condition and financial position of the region is pretty good due to excellent expansion in the industrial units of Sant Julia de Loria. Government is earning huge amount of foreign revenue from the large export volume of electronic products, agricultural crops and various raw material in western markets. People of Sant Julia de Loria are very cool and civilized in their dealing. Government is spending huge budget on annual reformation of its departments and public places in Sant Julia de Loria.

    Jobs in Andorra

    Jobs in Andorra | Job opportunities in Andorra

    Andorra is a landlocked nation in Western Europe situated beside the Pyrenees Mountains and bordered by Spain & France. It is sixth token homeland of Europe with almost 500 km2 land area and less than 100,000 population as per national population census conducted during 2010. Andorra la Vella is an official capital region of the city. Majority of the local residents in Andorra prefers speaking Catalan with the addition of Spanish, French and Portuguese. English is a mixed language of the Andorra town. It came into existence during 1278 by a co-princes form of government. Tourism is a biggest earning sector of Andorra and ranks the Andorra people as richest nation of the country. It is roughly estimated that almost 10.3 million visitors annually visit Andorra with the main attraction of being a tax free zone often referred to tax haven by foreign investors.

    Jobs in Andorra la Vella

    Jobs in Andorra la Vella | Job opportunities in Andorra la Vella

    Andorra la Vella is the capital of Andorra and is positioned in the Pyrenees sandwiched between France and Spain. Major earning source and sector is flourishing tourism. Wood crafts, Furniture manufacturing and brandies of different types is a major local production of Andorra la Vella. Transportation drive is very safe and smooth in the entire Andorra la Vella and it is served with major tracks, highways network and several adjoining air routes. Nearest airports to the city are Toulouse, Girona, Perpignan and Barcelona. Local operating buses are a main source of linking pedestrian with the railway line of French. There are many languages practiced widely in Andorra la Vella but foremost languages of the region are Spanish, Portuguese and French. Catalan is the official language adopted in offices and in other departments of the local government in the city.

    Jobs in Encamp

    Jobs in Encamp | Job opportunities in Encamp

    Encamp is a medium sized parish of Andorra situated on the Valira d’Orient river. There are many other small settlements of Armenia in Encamp such as Vila, El Pas de la Casa, Grau Roig, el Tremat, la Mosquera, and Les Bons. It is a very small populated region of the country where there are almost 50,000 inhabitants residing since last many decades. The center of the metropolis is about 1,300 meters high above the sea level with nearby mountains of Pic dels Pessons. It has a growing economy and mainly reliant of telecommunication and information technology. Almost all the departments and daily doing sections in Encamp are equipped with latest telecommunication devices and internet facility. Due to high involvement of media and telecommunication, people of Encamp are well aware about human rights and social issues. There are various TV channels and radio centers functioning in the land area of Encamp.

    Jobs in Les Escaldes

    Jobs in Les Escaldes | Job opportunities in Les Escaldes

    Les Escaldes is an urban conurbation of Escaldes Engordany Andorra situated nearby Andorra la Vella. The name Les Escaldes is derived from the occurrence of frequent hot springs producing highly sulpherous and nitrogenous blowing waters. In history such hot springs were commonly used to treat several ailing patients and various skin diseases. Textile industry and trading business of bed sheet is on boom these days and mostly manufacturing concerns of garments and curtains earns huge foreign revenue. Single Jersy and honey comb PQ are main knitted products of Les Escaldes having high demand in the European markets. Les Escaldes is blessed with many earning resources and underground reserves of metals and minerals. Mining industries of Les Escaldes engages majority of the local residents in handsome jobs. Presently Les Escaldes is practicing a growing economy and increasing GDP as well as per capita income.