All the Jobs in American Samoa

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  • Jobs in Aua

    Jobs in Aua | Job opportunities in Aua

    Aua is a rural community in American Samoa situated along American Samoa Highway 001 & Highway 006 with an average land area about 1,259 kilometers square. Aua has more than 200,000 people as per national population census conducted during 2010. Geographically Aua has very important position and excellent foreign trade policy. Good relations with the advanced countries have made it possible to excel its growing trade commodities all around the nearby countries and in western markets. The village of Aua in American Samoa is famous for its ritual field. Aua remained under various ruler ship and administration of different nations but got its independence in late 1950s. Economy of the township is pretty good and mainly dependant of commercial trade, industrial reformation and flourishing tourism. Keeping in view the increasing trends of cottage industries in Aua, government is planning to uplift its cottage industry for better revenue generation.

    Jobs in Faleniu

    Jobs in Faleniu | Job opportunities in Faleniu

    Faleniu is a village of Tutuila Island situated in the western region of the country, American Samoa. It is situated beside the inland of Tafuna. Basically it is a hilly town of the country with numerous high peak mountains and deep lakes esteemed with fish and other natural species. Faleniu contains a huge natural port Pago Pago Harbor that is a rich and main earning source of the state. It has excellent financial position, strong economic infrastructure and highest per capita income indicating a rich and wealthiest residential status of the local residents in American Samoa. Tuna fishing and tuna dispensation plants are very important for the medical research and used in various chronic diseases. Fishing and sailing is considered as a backbone of the financial setup in Faleniu.

    Jobs in Leone

    Jobs in Leone | Job opportunities in Leone

    Leone is a village and rural community in the west coast of Tutuila Island in American Samoa. Previously it had good economic infrastructure, agricultural growth and many industrial units in Leone but it faced a huge natural disaster by the name of Tsunami that demolished Entire Township into grounds. September 29, 2009 was a worst and terrible day for the community in American Samoa because more than 08 sub oceanic earthquake under the deep waters sprayed seawater with huge force towards the city and made it a worst state of the globe. During this natural disaster of Tsunami, much causality was occurred and numerous skin dieses were revealed on the skin marks. Presently, Leone is growing rapidly with the huge foreign aid, government strives and local fund raising made it possible to attain its lost status.

    Jobs in Pago Pago

    Jobs in Pago Pago | Job Opportunities in Pago Pago

    This village is situated in Pago Pago Harbor in American Samoa, on the island of Tutuila. Pago Pago is one of the quite a few villages in the Urban agglomeration of Pago Pago next to the coast of Pago Pago Harbor located at the very eastern part of the embayment. Conversely, because the name Pago Pago is linked with the anchorage itself—Pago Pago is currently applied not only to the village itself but to the whole dock area and to the villages in it.

    Jobs in Tafuna

    Jobs in Tafuna | Job Opportunities in Tafuna

    Tafuna is a village on the east coast of Tutuila Island of American Samoa engulfed with the richest business avenue and proactive approaches for the mankind interested in Tafuna. It is located on a peninsular a mile north of Pago Pago International Airport and one mile south of Nu’uuli, American Samoa. There are seven American Samoan islands that are detached larger than 150 miles of water and creates a best visiting point for the tourists. . Tutuila, the main island is in the middle of government and business. Its well-known Pago Pago port is one of the Pacific’s deepest and most sheltered harbors. Tutuila consists upon a land area of 56 square miles and containing an estimated 56,000 total population as an occupant and tenants.

    Jobs in American Samoa

    Jobs in American Samoa | Job Opportunities in American Samoa

    American Samoa, an unincorporated and unorganized insular US territory, encompass longitude 171° w where as the rest of the Samoan islands consists upon independent state of Western Samoa. Samoan group has an area of 3,121 sq km and consists upon seven small islands. Five of the islands are volcanic as well as with rugged peaks rising sharply that calls for tourists and visitors a memorable point. Overall culture of the economy base upon agricultural and its related sectors. The principal crops are bananas, breadfruit, taro, papayas, pineapples, sweet potatoes, tapioca, coffee, cocoa, and yams. Hogs and poultry are the livestock productions and most of the people of American Samoa are related with this business due to high in demand and less time consuming in the production. The largest employers in the private sector carry exports of the Tuna fish in united states.