All the Jobs in Algeria

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  • Jobs in L’Arba

    Jobs in L’Arba | Job opportunities in L’Arba

    L’Arba or some time called Larbaâ is a settlement in Blida prefecture of Algeria having an average population about 160,482 inhabitants as of 2009 population census. It is a major Islamic state of Algeria with a mixed blend of Islamic, Berber, Andalucian and French cultures. L’Arba contains cool weather climate due to hilly surroundings. Basically it is a hilly and mountainous town of Algeria having many tourist destinations and fun spots in its land area. Mostly people of the township work in developed countries of the world while rest of the educated population prefers relocating in industrial towns of the country for better and prosperous future. It is a growing town of Algeria where most of the cottage industry exists. It has small agricultural land area used for small scaled farming of wheat, maize and various vegetables & fruits.

    Jobs in Sidi Aissa

    Jobs in Sidi Aissa | Job opportunities in Sidi Aissa

    Sidi Aissa is a municipality and kibbutz in M’Sila prefecture of Algeria containing an average and approximate population about 157,270 inhabitants as of 2008 population census. Sidi Aissa is a medium sized city that was known as a small fishing and trading town in history dating back to 07th century. With the passage of time there were many expansions made by the government and huge influx of immigrants from the nearby towns and countries compelled to expand in its all four corners. Present life style and financial position of the Sidi Aissa indicate a rich and wealthiest residency. Majority of the people in Sidi Aissa is linked with agricultural farming, cattle farming and dairy products in the nearby villages of Sidi Aissa. Government has announced many packages and facilities to the interested farmers in Algeria to promote its agricultural culture and grow maximum food stuff to meet the local requirements in Algeria.

    Jobs in Chelghoum el Aid

    Jobs in Chelghoum el Aid | Job opportunities in Chelghoum el Aid

    Chelghoum el Aid is an abandoned military airfield of Algeria just about 7 kilometers in the northwest of Chelghoum el Aid in Mila region of the country. During World War II it remained under warship attacks that destroyed its economic and financial infrastructure. Basically it is a major military town established by the government of Algeria. Presently its financial position is on growth stage and industrial enlargement is a major factor behind steady growth of Chelghoum el Aid. After dismantling the air base, present land area of the region is used for agricultural growth and useful cropping. Arial view of the Chelghoum el Aid is pretty good and provides a real beauty to capture. Mostly people of the town are employed by various industrial units while rest of the population is linked with agricultural activities or government based employment.

    Jobs in Birkhadem

    Jobs in Birkhadem | Job opportunities in Birkhadem

    Birkhadem is a community of the city of Algiers in western Algeria having a small land area and few populations about 76,000 inhabitants as of 2007 population census. It has an average land area about 800 KM square. Main city area of the Birkhadem is an industrial and business center of the province while there are many agricultural and cattle farms in the nearby villages of Birkhadem. It has excellent irrigation system linked with canals and minders to provide maximum water in the agricultural lands. Wheat, cotton, sugarcane and gram are main products of the town while there are few cottage industries dealing in handicrafts and artificial jewelry having high demands in the neighboring countries. Financial position and economy of the Birkhadem is on growth stage. Statistics of last year shows that it is getting progress gradually and earning much foreign revenue from various industrial units of Birkhadem.

    Jobs in Cheria

    Jobs in Cheria | Job opportunities in Cheria

    Cheria is a municipality and community in Tebessa region in Algeria containing an estimated population about 135,625 inhabitants as per official population census conducted during 2008. Basically it is an agricultural town of Algeria having major rely on the development and good growing of multiple crops in Cheria. Major agricultural crops and export products of Cheria. Include wheat, gram, sugarcane and maize. Algeria is one the global country having maximum good relations with the developed towns and nations of the globe resulting in outstanding trade culture, beautiful coordination among forces and developmental tasks performed with major joint ventures. Mostly people of Cheria have good buying capacity due to major and highest per capita income of the local residents in Algeria. Apart from agricultural tasks, Cheria has major concerns with its growing industrial sector.

    Jobs in El Ain Touta

    Jobs in El Ain Touta | Job opportunities in El Ain Touta

    El Ain Touta is a municipality in Algeria situated about 29 kilometers away from the Batna and Biskra. It has very little land area about five square kilometers and very minor population of the town approximately 39,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2007. El Ain Touta has growing economy and mainly depend on agricultural growth, cattle farming and export of milk and dairy products, cotton and rice production with the addition of wheat and gram. El Ain Touta has a good fruit market containing citrus, lemon and oranges as well as watermelon and cucumber. Majority of the population is linked with agricultural activities while rest of the population prefers working in industrial units and government offices of El Ain Touta. It is predicted by international scholars that it is will attain a prominent financial position by the end of June 2015.

    Jobs in Tamanrasset

    Jobs in Tamanrasset | Job opportunities in Tamanrasset

    Tamanrasset is also famous by the name of Tamenghest due to an oasis city and capital town of Tamanrasset region in Algeria. It is a foremost important city of Algerian commune with an altitude of 1325 meters high above the sea level containing an estimated population about 110,000 inhabitants as off 2010 population census. Statists of population census indicate that there are more female than male in Tamanrasset with an average life span about 60~65 years. It is surrounded by Surrounded Sahara Desert known as a hottest region of the globe ranging an average temperature during June about 43 degrees. Citrus fruits, apricots, date palms, almond oil, cereals, corn production and figs are grown and exported in the nearby markets of Algeria with high price range.

    Jobs in Azzaba

    Jobs in Azzaba | Job opportunities in Azzaba

    Azzaba is a conurbation in Azzaba region of Skikda territory Algeria containing about 69,000 people as per national population census conducted during 2008. Azzaba is situated on the Mediterranean Sea containing many districts and communities for better administrative control over the society including Azzaba, Ain Cherchar, Es Sebt, Laghdir and Djendel Saadi Mohammed. Predominant religion of the Azzaba districts is Islam while there are many Christians, Hindu and other religion communities practicing as per their faith with full liberty in Azzaba. It has old historical background dating back to 10th century. Previously Azzaba was known as a small fishing and sailing town of Algeria but with the passage of time it started spreading towards its all four corners and attained the present status of a medium sized city of Algeira.

    Jobs in Khemis Miliana

    Jobs in Khemis Miliana | Job opportunities in Khemis Miliana

    Khemis Miliana is a municipality in northern Algeria and about 160 km away from the Algerian capital, Algiers. It has around 65,000 populations as per official population census 2005. Khemis Miliana is situated on the wooded southern edge of Mount Zaccar Rherbi, beside the beautiful Chelif River near Zaccar plateau. Chelif River is a famous and biggest river of the state helping in its irrigation system and woods carriage along the water flow. Majority of the population is Muslim in Khemis Miliana whilst there are many other religions in the city including Christian, Hindu, Parsi and Sikh. Mosque of Sidi Ahmed ben Yousef is a favorite and beloved destination of all Muslims in Khemis Miliana due to its old existence. Economic growth and financial position of the city is on growth stage and it is predicted that in coming decade it will become a prominent business Giant of Algeria.

    Jobs in Ksar el Boukhari

    Jobs in Ksar el Boukhari | Job opportunities in Ksar el Boukhari

    Ksar El Boukhari is a region of Medea territory of Algeria having almost 200,000 inhabitants as of 2008 population census. It is a wealthiest and richest town of Medea district of Algeria due to highest salary structure, highest per capita income ad GDP of the state. There are large numbers of Natural gas resources underground, oil refining, and petrochemical industries functioning since last many decades. It is served with excellent transportation system and traveling modes of Ksar el Boukhari including roads, highways, railway systems and few adjoining air flights from the nearby cities of Ksar el Boukhari. It has third major profitable harbor in Algeria after Algiers and Oran and major petrochemical share is generated by the port of Ksar el Boukhari long with many fishing port facilities of Stora. It is a best tourist destination of the region containing numerous beaches and adjoining complex.