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  • Jobs in Kruje

    Jobs in Kruje | Job opportunities in Kruje

    Kruje is a town of central Albania in Kruje Districts of the country. It is very small town of the city that has less than 20,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2008. The name of Kruje contains the meaning of “fountain” due to its close existence beside the sea and flowing Rivers. Its history is linked with 07th century when it was small village of almost 200 inhabitants but with the passage of time it started spreading in its all four corners and now became a bigger state of the country. Kruje is situated at an altitude of 600 meters high above the sea level and contains a hot and humid climate. Illyrian tribe of the Albani was major dominant who ruled over the area for many years and laid a foundation of modern culture and life style in the township.

    Jobs in Patos Fshat

    Jobs in Patos Fshat | Job opportunities in Patos Fshat

    Patos Fshat is a 8th leading city of Albania considered as a major agricultural and industrial town of the country. It has more than 150,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. It is spread over an average land area about 1,985 kilo meters square. Patos Fshat has close interaction and friendly relations with the developed national and international financial institutes of the state causing high export volume and circulation of international currency in its land area. Economically it’s a rich state of Albania having major production of wheat, rice, cotton, sugar and pulses. Industrial units of Patos Fshat are major employment sources engaging almost 62 % population in direct employment whilst rest of the population is affiliated with agricultural, cottage industries or self employed business of the state.

    Jobs in Gjirokaster

    Jobs in Gjirokaster | Job opportunities in Gjirokaster

    Gjirokaster is a city of southern Albania having almost 54,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. Gjirokaster is listed in world heritage site due to numerous artisan sample and creation of architectural centers. The city is unnoticed by the Gjirokaster Castle and contains a hot and humid climate. Weather condition of Gjirokaster is observed as cold in winters and very hot and dry in summer seasons. During summer season its average temperature ranges from 40~45 degree centigrade. Economic condition of the city is on growth stage and its economic infrastructure is rising gradually. It’s GDP and per capita income recorded during last few years is touching the 06 figure digit in Trillion dollars annually. Greek army ruled over the region for more than 3 decades and left many memories of their ruler ship behind their departure.

    Jobs in Lac

    Jobs in Lac | Job opportunities in Laci

    Lac or Laçi is a conurbation in western Albania with very minor population growth and size about 25,000 inhabitants as per national population census. Lac has been facing various problems due to the growing economic phase. Presently its infrastructure is under processing and government is trying to lay a proper foundation of economic, social, cultural and political setup. There are few factories and production units dealing in textile processing and chemical manufacturing. Mostly people of Lac are employed in government jobs while rest of the population is directly linked with agricultural sector or production houses of the city. Nearby villages and towns of Lac are basically agricultural and producing a large range of wheat, cotton and rice to meet the local requirement while the left over products in Lac are exported in the nearest countries.

    Jobs in Kavaje

    Jobs in Kavaje | Job opportunities in Kavaje

    Kavaje is a capital of Kavaje region of Albania in the central region beside Tirana County. It has around 100,000 population as per national population census conducted during 2008. It has very old history dating back to 16th century when Kavaje was a very small fishing town of Albania. It is an educational hub of Albania due to numerous well known and prestigious academic institutes such as schools, colleges and universities. Shkencor in Universitetit Te Vlores is a major educational center of Albania engaging almost 15,000 students at the same time in its class rooms. Financial position of the Kavaje is pretty good and mainly reliant of agricultural growth, industrial reformation and tourism. Agricultural crops of the town include wheat, sugarcane, gram and Barley. Industrial products of the city are textile, leather, cement, concrete and steel products.

    Jobs in Lushnje

    Jobs in Lushnje | Job opportunities in Lushnje

    Lushnje is a city of West Albania containing an estimated population about 75,813 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2008. It is discovered by Turkish tourist for the first time in history and it came into existence in 2000 BC. Lushnje remained an official capital of Albania and Congress. The Lushnje region is recognized for providing major portion of agricultural products to the entire country of Albania. It is an oldest agricultural town of mountainous Albania. There are a large number of food processing factories, building materials, and automotive assembly plants of Communism age but still functioning properly. Lushnje town has following sub region and sub division made for better administrative control in Saver, Gradishte, Bedat, Gjaze, Rrapez and Plug. It has excellent economy and financial condition with highest GDP, national income and buying capacity of the local residents.

    Jobs in Berat

    Jobs in Berat | Job opportunities in Berat

    Berat is a 7th leading conurbation of Albania situated beside the Korce and about 325 KM away from the Mediterranean Sea. It is a medium sized township of Albania spread over n average land are about 2,896 KM square and an estimated population about 132,952 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2010. Basically it is a Christian country and mostly Orthodox Christians resides in its land area since last many centuries. Berat has few other minorities like Muslim and Hindu in its kingdom ship. Economically it is a stable state of Albania. Berat has many financial firms, banks, textile units, leather housing, furniture manufacturing, steal processing, sports manufacturing units and construction equipment manufacturing. People of Berat have good buying capacity and high per capita income. People of Berat are inspired from the western life style and love to follow Hollywood actors and actress life style.

    Jobs in Fier

    Jobs in Fier | Job opportunities in Fier

    Fier is a municipality of southern Albania containing a total population about 125,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2008. Fier is a blessed town of natural resources and major industrial products like oil, gas and bitumen dump. Nymphaeum is a famous Asphalt emitting point of Albania situated in the Fier. It is a rock that springs hot water and asphalt. Economically it is a richest town of the country with highest growth rate, GDP, national income and per capita income of the local resident. Fier is built on the bank of Seman River. Majority of the population is Christians of Orthodox community while rest of the population is Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Parsi. Construction industry and mining industry are two major earning sector of the state and engage almost 68% of the population in attractive employment options.

    Jobs in Korce

    Jobs in Korce | Job opportunities in Korce

    Korce is a metropolis of southeastern Albania and the capital city of Korce region having almost 125,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2009. Korce is declared as 06th leading town of Albania standing on plateau about 850 meters high above the sea level beside Morava Mountains. It contains Mediterranean climate with cold winters and hot summer seasons. Summers seasons in Korce remains so hot that people of the town have to adopt artificial soothing and cooling techniques. Majority of the location residents in Korce is Orthodox Christians for last many centuries. Other than Christianity, there are few other religion groups such as Muslims, Parsi, Hindu, and little strength of Sikh followers. Ilias Mirahori Mosque is very ancients and famous mosques in Korce.

    Jobs in Fier-Cifci

    Jobs in Fier-Cifci | Job opportunities in Fier-Cifci

    Fier Cifci is a 10th foremost city of Albania having major depend on its agricultural growth and industrial reformation. It has growing economic infrastructure and contains an estimated population about 63,000 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2010. Fier Cifci is famous for growing wheat, rice and cotton to meet the local requirements in Albania whilst the left over products are shipped in the nearby markets of the country. Economically, GDP and per capita income of Fier Cifci is recorded rising noticeably high than last decade and predicted that continuous growth and expansion in its industrial concern will lead towards a charming infrastructure by the end of 2016. Majority of the local residents in Fier Cifci is linked with agricultural activities while manufacturing factories and textile units engage a huge amount of local residents in attractive and white collar jobs.