All the Jobs in Afghanistan

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  • Jobs in Faryab

    Jobs in Faryab | Job opportunities in Faryab

    The capital of Faryab is the beautiful city of Maymanah that is about 786 km from Kabul. Faryab connected with Jowzjan province in east and in west with Badghis and Turkmenistan. In north with Turkmenistan and south with Ghowr Province. It has an area of 22900 Km2. It consist of 7 districts namely Pashtoonak, Almaar, Daulatabad, Faizabad, Andkhoi, Qarghan, and, Kohistan. Faryab is one of the main but more remote provinces of North Western Afghanistan, with Maimana as the capital city. The city of Maimana is located on the bank of Maimana River in North Western Afghanistan. This river branches off the Band-e Turkistan River fifty km to the south of the city. Andkhoy is another important occupied center in the Faryab province with an approximate population of 15,000. This town is located in a plain at the vicinity of the Shirin Tagab River, which irrigates the town and surrounding areas. Although the town is very near to Sheberghan and Andkhoy(not more than seventy km), the town is awfully remote and secluded from the mainstream developments of the region, as is Maimana.

    Jobs in Farah

    Jobs in Farah | Job opportunities in Farah

    Farah is a famous city in western Afghanistan. It is situated at 650 m altitude. It is located at the bank of river Farah. The capital city of Farah Province is Farah City. The population of Farah is 338,000. The city is a major trading and farming center in this area. This province contain an airport for forces moving in and out of Afghanistan. The Airport protected by coalition forces to transport supplies to needy Afghans throughout Farah Province. There are secondary roads in different directions from the city. The city of Farah is surrounded by solid maintains and contain Parsiwan Farsiwan Persian majority, while the countryside is divided between the Pashtun and Aimaq tribesmen.

    Jobs in Daykundi

    Jobs in Daykundi | Job opportunities in Daykundi

    Daykundi is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan. It is located about 310 kilometers from Kabul, and belongs to the region of Hazarajat. The capital city of Daykundi is Nili. Main languages are Persian and Pashto. Sangi Takht is a district in Daykundi Province , Afghanistan. It was created in 2005 from Daykundi district. The main village Kiti is at 1,783 m altitude. Sharistan is located north of Uruzgan province, and shares a long border with Gizab district. Daykundi province is famous for having the best quality almonds, which are distributed all over Afghanistan. The population of Daykundi is mostly ethnic Hazaras, different from the Pashtuns in Oruzgan. Until 2006, Gizab District was the only district in Daykundi province with a majority Pashtun population, but in May 2006, the government of Afghanistan took Gizab from Daykundi and re-annexed it to Oruzgan province to the south.

    Jobs in Bamyan

    Jobs in Bamyan | Job opportunities in Bamyan

    Bamyan is another one of the most ancient provinces of Afghanistan. It is located in the center of the country. The capital city Bamiyan is also Bamiyan. It is the largest city in the Hazarajat region of Afghanistan, and is the cultural capital of the Hazara ethnic group. Bamian is first mentioned in 5th-century-AD Chinese sources and was visited by the Chinese travelers Fa-hsien around AD 400 and Hsuan-tsang in AD 630; by that time it was center of commerce and of the Buddhist religion. Ninety percent of the area of this province is covered by mountains, and the cold winter lasts for six months with temperatures of three to twenty degrees Celsius below zero. Transportation facilities are increasing, but are still limited.

    Jobs in Balkh

    Jobs in Balkh | Job opportunities in Balkh

    It is also known as Bactra; in old times it was a major world city but was destroyed entirely by the Mongols. Now a days it is a small town in the province of Balkh, northern Afghanistan, about 20 kilometers northwest of the provincial capital, Mazar-e Sharif, and 74 km south of the Amu Darya, the Oxus River of antiquity. It was one of the major cities of Khorasan. The majority of people in this city speak Persian. Balkh is an old city that is well known for its cultural past and heritage. There are many suplended mosques in the city. All these mosques are beautiful pieces of architecture. Some of the favored places of attraction in the city are Shrine of Hazrat Ali or Roza Mubarik, No-Gonbad Mosque, the Mazar-e-Sharif and a lot more. Thousands of people come to these religious sites every year to offer their prayers. The Nine Domes Mosque is another remarkable attraction in the city. The shrine and mosque of Khwaja Nasr Parsa is also a notable place of attraction in the city. Other attractions in the city are Tap-e Rustam and Takht-e Rustam.

    Jobs in Baghlan

    Jobs in Baghlan | Job opportunities in Baghlan

    Baghlan is a city is located in northern part of Afghanistan; it is situated in Baghlan Province. It is located three miles east of the Kunduz River, 35 miles south of Khanabad, and about 1,700 metres above sea level in the northern Hindu Kush. The capital city of Baghlan is Puli Khumri. Burka district is located in the northeastern part of Baghlan province. Its population is approximately 49,000 people. The capital of Burka district is the city of Burka. It is located in the foothills of the Hindu Kush mountains. Puli Hisar is a district in Baghlan Province, Afghanistan. On 25 March, 2002, a major earthquake shook Nahrin District, causing significant loss of life and enormous damage to infrastructure and water resources.

    Jobs in Badghis

    Jobs in Badghis | Job opportunities in Badghis

    Badghis is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan. It is located in northwestern part of Afghanistan, between the Murgab and Hari rivers, extending to the edge of the desert of Sarakhs. Badghis province also has a population of Kuchis or nomads whose numbers vary in different seasons. In winter and summer 115,100 stay in Badghis. It consists of 30 communities. All of these are partially migratory, and 94% of the community migrates in hard seasons. In the winter they stay in one area and don’t move around during the season. There are no long range migratory Kuchi that use Badghis as their summer area.

    Jobs in Badakhshan

    Jobs in Badakhshan | Job opportunities in Badakhshan

    Badakhshan is located in the northeastern part of Afghanistan; it is surrounded by Takhar Province in the west and Nuristan in the south, and touches the international borders of Tajikistan in the north, China in the west, and in the south. The capital of Badakhshan is Fayzabad.

    In contains a distinct ethno-linguistic and religious community. The ethnic Pamiris, an Eastern Persian speaking people, probably originated in Badakhshan. The origins of Pashto, another Eastern Iranian language, also believed to have been in this region, before being introduced to the region further south. Pamiris are descendant of the earlier East Iranian speakers who had populated the region by around 2000 BC. Tajiks and Uzbeks are the dominant groups in the western part of Badakhshan.

    Jobs in Afghanistan

    Jobs in Afghanistan | Job opportunities in Afghanistan

    Afghanistan means the Land of Afghans. Its neighboring countries are Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in the north, Pakistan in the south and east, Iran in the south and west, and China in the far northeast. Its history and culture spans back over 5000 years. The ancient name of Afghanistan was Aryana, in the med era, it was called Khorasan, and in modern age its habitants named it Afghanistan. The capital city of Afghanistan is Kabul; it is the largest city of Afghanistan and is the center of the Afghan economy. The national sport of Afghanistan is Buzkashi. It resembles polo and is played by horsemen in two teams, each trying to grab and hold a goat carcass.