Jobs in Zonguldak

Jobs in Zonguldak | Job Opportunities in Zonguldak

Zonguldak is a conurbation and the official capital state of the Zonguldak territory in the Black Sea section of Turkey. There are nearly 200,000 people residing in the city as per national population census conducted during 2010 and all the public in Zonguldak is living excellent life style due to highly per capita income, excellent GDP and increased national income providing reasonable life standards and values of social life in Turkey. The coal mining in Zonguldak is on large scale and this time is ranked as an important employment agency and sector for the local job seekers of Turkey whereas industrial concerns and production houses of different products are secondary economy booster factors of the city. Apart from coal mining, chemical processing, fertilizers making and textile concerns are major units engaging around 50% population in direct employment in Turkey.

Climate and weather temperature of the Zonguldak town is oceanic and most of the time moisture is observed at every single face. There are various private and state run schools, colleges and vocational training centers providing state of the art learning approaches and trends to the job applicants. During winter seasons and in November ~ March extremely cold climate is observed and plenty of snowfall attracts thousands of nearby tourists and visitors in Zonguldak.

It is served by attractive transportation modes like railway network, commercial bus services, private vehicles and government provided traveling services that promotes is tourism industry and at the same time act as major job providing source to the job seekers of Zonguldak with attractive pay perks and career growth. Telecommunication sector and information technology are the main lines that accommodate and attracts graduates and master degree holders against highly salary structures of Turkey in Zonguldak.

Jobs in Zonguldak

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