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Jobs in Zinder | Job Opportunities in Zinder

Zinder is the third leading city in Niger with an estimated population of 370,974 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2006. It is located 539 miles away from the capital Niamey and 150 to the Nigerian city of Kano. In ancient ages Zinder was known as a small Hausa village that grew in its surroundings and formed into the present important city of Niger. It is a commercial center of the Trans Saharan trade among its neighboring countries. The French forces dominated the city in 1890 and announced the capital of Niger Military in 1910. Presently Zinder encompass three major areas i.e. Birni, the old Hausa settlement and Sabon Gari. Supply of drinking water was a major problem of the citizens since so long but presently government has installed its own pumping devices in the city to overwhelm the deficiencies.

Niger has many foreign debts on its national economy whereas in December 2005, major debts of the town were waived off by IMF and HIPC. Almost half of the total country budget is recovered from the foreign donor resources leading to a high markup rate and future economic slump. Several statistics declares this stage as alarming for the national economy of Zinder. Primary education is compulsory for all and turnout rate is very low mainly for girls. Almost 60 percent children who end up primary schools include boys who prefer to adopt some technical field or agricultural tool to facilitate their families.

There are few developments in process in the manufacturing concerns and in its industry. Lack of technical resources and low literacy level creates shortfall of talented intellectuals of numerous technologies including information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences. Overseas employees avail handsome rewards in monitory terms in Zinder.

Jobs in Zinder

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