Jobs in Ziguinchor

Jobs in Ziguinchor | Job Opportunities in Ziguinchor

Ziguinchor is the capital of the Ziguinchor Region and main city of Senegal situated on the flow of Casamance River. Ziguinchor has an estimated population of almost 390,000 inhabitants as per census during 2008. It is considered as the second major city of Senegal that is economically well stable and blessed with abundant of earning resources including mining industry, agriculture, industrial reformation and Tourism. During 1646 first European settlement was made in the region to avoid the external war threats. Slavery was very common in the region but with the passage of time Ziguinchor has changed the idle trends from its culture. Majority of the inhabitants is fun lover and love to play certain outdoor games during free time. Soccer, volleyball and baseball are most important games of the city.

Rice growing, cultivation of groundnuts and extensive forest areas are vanishing from the city and several new inventions are in practice in the town. After independence, industrial & economy growth rate was very slow but foreign remittance and huge investments by government has changed the situation. Ziguinchor is economically reliant of its cargo seaport, transport hub and ferry terminals. Road transportation system of the city is quite good and connects major cities of the Senegal with each other for better trade. Youngsters of this age in Ziguinchor are very trendy & fashionable in following dressing style of western celebrities.

There are numerous visiting attractions in Ziguinchor including markets, a cathedral and an airport. Ziguinchor is also considered as the home of large peanut oil factory that employs more than 23,000 inhabitants in employment. There are several job opportunities for skilled force of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences in Ziguinchor. Qualifying candidates enjoy excellent salary structure and relaxed working environment in Senegal.

Jobs in Ziguinchor

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Ziguinchor

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Ziguinchor

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Ziguinchor

Management & Administration Jobs in Ziguinchor


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