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Zaria is a main city in Kaduna State in Northern Nigeria. It was previously known as Zazzau, it was one of the original seven Hausa city-states. The estimated population of the city is around 1,018,827 (2007). The current Emir of Zaria (Sarkin Zazzau in Hausa language) is Shehu Idris. The old area of the city was originally surrounded by walls but these walls are now largely collapsed. In the old city and the Tudun Wada neighborhood nearby people normally reside in conventional mud-brick compounds. The following are areas in Zaria: Samaru, Tudun Wada, Sabon Gari, Zaria-City, PZ, Kongo, GRA-Zaria, Hanwa, Shikka

Zaria’s economy is mainly based on agricultural. Staples are guinea corn and millet, and cash crops include cotton, groundnuts and tobacco. The city is considered to be a major center of Hausa agriculture. Because Zaria is north of the rail junction at Kaduna, it has rail equal access to the seaports at Lagos and Port Harcourt. In the old times it was break of gauge junction station for the Bauchi Light Railway to the tin mines at Jos.

Zaria city contains Ahmadu Bello University. It is the biggest university in Nigeria and the second biggest in the African continent. The institution is very prominent in the fields of Agriculture, Science, Finance, Medicine and Law. Zaria is also the base for the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology.

Prominent births and current and former residents of Zaria are Danisha Kazi Nigeria’s foremost exponent of Bharatnatyam, Shola Ameobi football player in England, Rumun Ndur former hockey player in NHL, D’banj music artist, Rilwanu Lukman, current Nigerian oil minister and former OPEC president and Secretary-General.

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