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Jobs in Wroclaw | Job Opportunities in Wroclaw

Wroclaw is the largest city in south western Poland situated beside the River Odra and remained former capital of Silesia & its native Voivodeships. Poland remained under administration of several nations including Bohemia, Austria, Prussia and Germany. Official population census conducted during 2009 declares that there are more than 1,032,798 inhabitants in the town. Wroclaw city is 111 m high above the sea level and contains moisture and humidity in the environment. Nights of the city become cool whereas day time remains reasonably good. City is administered by numerous governorates and its monarchy. Wroclaw is third biggest educational center of Poland with more than 235,000 students in 35 different colleges & schools with almost 7500 employees. Its economic structure is reasonably good and mainly reliant of it industrial growth, textile sector, automobiles and tourism.

Wroclaw’s major industry comprises upon manufacturing of railroad cars & electronics. Government of the Poland has changed its trade policy to entice foreign investors for its chemical and electronic industry. LG Electronics in Wroclaw city is considered as the biggest employer of the town engaging majority of the graduates in employment. Banking and financing institutes enroll manpower in sales & marketing. There is very low rate of unemployment in the town as it is very rare to observe any inhabitant as jobless.

Tourism industry of Poland is on its mature stage due to plentiful worth seeing sites and numerous tourists’ attractions in the region comprising upon river bank resorts, hill stations, amusement parks and beautiful lakes filled with variety of wild species. Textile industry and manufacturing concerns of electronics engage majority of IT & accounting graduates in high paid jobs in Wroclaw whereas management jobs are offered to the master degree holders of marketing and management sciences.

Jobs in Wroclaw

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