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Windhoek is situated in the central Khomas area, and had a populace of 306,093 in the 2009 calculations, believed to be over 296,000 in 2008. The city is the major commercial and financial center of Namibia. It in located on a sloping plain on the northern side of the Khomas Hochland at an elevation of 1,728 meters. Windhoek was originally inhabited by the Herero, and then became the base of a Nama chief who had beaten the Herero in the 19th century. Germany occupied the area in 1885, and the city became the seat of colonial rule in 1892 as the capital of the colony of German South-West Africa. During World War I Windhoek was confined by South African troops and became a South African Mandate under the League of Nations. Until the freedom of Namibia was inaugurated in 1990, Windhoek was recognized as the capital city of South West Africa as administered by the South African government. It continues to be the capital city of the Republic of Namibia.

Windhoek is located in a partially desert climatic area. Days are mostly hot with very warm days throughout the summer months, while nights are usually cool. The normal yearly temperature is 19.47 °C, which is high for a location at such a high elevation on the edge of the tropics. This is largely due to the prevalence of a hot northerly airflow and the mountains to the south, which shelter the city from cold southerly winds.

The winter months of June, July and August generally experience a modest or no rain. Minimum temperature varies between 5 °C and 18 °C. Nights are generally cool, although the temperature rarely drops below 0°C, and it almost never snows. Days are usually warm to hot, varying from a maximum of 20 °C in July to 31 °C in January.

Windhoek has two airports. The adjoining one is Eros 7 kilometers south of the city center for lesser craft, and Windhoek Hosea Kutako International Airport 42 kilometers east of the city. A number of foreign airlines operate to and from Windhoek. Air charters and helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft rentals are also available.

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