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Warsaw is the capital and leading city of Poland. It is to be found on the Vistula River roughly 370 kilometers from both the Baltic Sea shore and the Carpathian Mountains. Its populace is about 1,709,781 and the Warsaw urban region at just about 2,785,000. The city area is 516.9 square kilometers, with an agglomeration of 6,100.43 square kilometers. Warsaw is the 9th main city in the European Union by inhabitants.

Warsaw is also recognized as the “phoenix city”, as it received wide-ranging damage during World War II, and rebuilt with the effort of Polish citizens. Warsaw has given its name to the Warsaw Confederation, Warsaw Pact, Warsaw Convention, Treaty of Warsaw and the Warsaw Uprising.

The current flooded veranda has still observable valleys and ground depressions with water systems coming from Vistula old – riverbed. They consist of still quite natural streams and lakes as well as the pattern of drainage ditches. The right side of Warsaw has different pattern of geomorphologic forms. There are quite a few levels of the plain Vistula terraces and only little part and not so visible moraine escarpment. Aeolian sand with number of dunes parted by peat swamps or small ponds cover the highest terrace. These are mainly forested areas. Winters are relatively soft and summers are cool. The average temperature is −2.4 °C in January and 19.1 °C in July. Temperatures may often reach 30 °C in the summer. Annual rainfall averages 500 millimeters, the rainiest month being July. Spring and fall are typically beautiful seasons, the former crisp and sunny and full of blooms and the latter alternately sunny and misty, and cool but not cold.

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