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Jobs in Walvis Bay | Job Opportunities in Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay is one of the main cities of Namibia and the name of the bay on which it located. It is a natural deepwater port, protected by the Pelican Point sand spit, being the only natural port of any size along the country’s shore. The city is rich in plankton and contains a marine life, these waters also drew large numbers of whales attracting whalers and fishing vessels. The Dutch referred to it as Walvisch Baye and the English as Whale Bay, and in its eventual proclamation it came to be known as Walfish Bay, and ultimately Walvis Bay. The city has been referred to as Walwich Bay or Walwisch Bay.

A series of colonists are developed in the location and resources of this strategic port settlement. The port’s value relative to the sea route around the Cape of Good Hope had caught the attention of world powers since it was discovered. This explains the complicated political status of Walvis Bay down the years. The town is located in the Kuiseb river delta and lies at the edge of the Trans Namib Railway to Windhoek, and on the B2 road. The city as well as its large bay and sand dunes, is the tourism activity center of Namibia. Other attractions include the artificial Bird Island, center of a guano collection industry, the Dune 7 sand dune, salt works, birdlife and a museum. Kuisebmund Stadium, contains to two clubs in the Namibia Premier League, is also situated in the city and the beach resort of Langstrand is located just a few kilometers north. The Walvis Bay Export Processing Zone is an important facet of the local economy.

In the city there are a number of government and private schools such as Duinesig primary school, De duine secondary school, International School of Walvis Bay, Kuisebmond secondary school, Walvis Bay Private High School and others. There are a many kindergartens too and some tertiary institutions like NAMFI, Monitronic Success College and IUM. At NAMFI people study to be deck officers, fishermen, marine engineers and other careers in fishing and working under water.

Jobs in Walvis Bay

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