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Jobs in Volgograd | Job Opportunities in Volgograd

Volgograd is a significant industrial city and the administrative center of Volgograd Oblast in Russia. By land area it is very small state but has huge industrial growth and set up. It is located on the western bank of the Volga River that is a blessed spot of natural pearls and beads in its fathom. Volgograd has an estimated population of more than 1 million inhabitants as per national census conducted during 2009. Battle of Stalingrad and World War II destroyed the city completely and main ruined structures of that age are still very popular among foreign visitors. Volgograd city has covered several mile stone on the way of its national economic stability. It was predicted by several historic writers that Volgograd will never boost up in future but all the prediction have been proved false.

Noticeable increase in the national income proves the stability in its infrastructure. Contemporary Volgograd vestiges an important industrial city including shipbuilding, oil refining, steel and aluminum production, manufacture of machinery and vehicles and chemical production. Huge Volgograd Hydroelectric Plant is a major income generating project of the city. Education level of the city is reasonably good and entices students to opt for information technology due to huge involvement of this subject in all the fields of life. Medical sciences and engineering are also beloved fields of the generation in Volgograd therefore government has opened several new institutes to facilitate majority of the students.

There are several visiting spots in the Volgograd city that add up in the tourism industry of the city. Annually huge influx of the foreigner visitor is recorded and government is trying to increase this ratio at least three times more. Industrial sector of the Volgograd city frequently announces several job opportunities for the graduates of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting and finance and management sciences with excellent salary structure.

Jobs in Volgograd

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Volgograd

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Volgograd

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Volgograd

Management & Administration Jobs in Volgograd


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