Jobs in Villa Elisa

Jobs in Villa Elisa | Job opportunities in Villa Elisa

Villa Elisa is a metropolis in the Central sector of Paraguay on the outer edge of Asuncion city in the country and is the only settlement inhabited by Swedish people in Paraguay and is almost 17 km away from Asuncion. It is being bordered by the Asuncion and Fernando de la Mora, San Lorenzo and Nemby, Lambare, San Antonio and the Paraguay River. Paraguay River is one of the most important water source and reservoir pint used for different income oriented tasks and activities in the city of Villa Elisa likewise sailing, surfing, shipping and fishing in the beautiful flowing waters. There are many industries, commercial areas and service sectors supporting its biggest agricultural activities and growth. Fruit production is the most attractive subject in the society of Villa Elisa that also collects large annual revenue from its certain export.

Villa Elisa is observed as rapidly growing nation with 10 % per annual growth rate and controlling almost 85,166 people in its administration. Villa Elisa has good and friendly relations with the surrounding cities and communities bordering by San Juan, Villa Bonita, Mbocayaty, Picada, Sol de America and Poleski y Bocas. There are different small and major private schools, colleges and training centers in the city and offering great educational services and equal opportunities for all on open merit to uplift the society in better and befitting manners.

Tourism industry plays an important role in the success and growth of any country and in the same term Villa Elisa is not acknowledged as a tourist metropolis but even then contain some worth visiting locations including church Virgen del Carmen, river banks and side by hotels with attractive landscapes and petroleum refineries offering different jobs and vacancies to the job seekers and talented professionals.

Jobs in Villa Elisa

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