Jobs in Uroteppa

Jobs in Uroteppa | Job Opportunities in Uroteppa

Uroteppa is a famous town and city of southwestern Tajikistan and at the same time attains the status of capital city of Khatlon expanse and it is sited 110 km from Dushanbe community. There are nearly 130,000 residing in the city as per national population census conducted during 2010. In terms of population size Uroteppa is graded as third major and highly crowded city of the country. It is a mixed denomination and city where many tribes and communities are collectively residing including Russians, Turkish and few other that are directly working for many industries and related income generating channels of the city. Major employers and high pay masters of Uroteppa include industrial and agricultural multifaceted employed almost all type of employees from skilled, unskilled and semi skilled people against reasonable pay perks depending upon the suitability and candidacy of job seekers in Tajikistan.

It is served by different private and commercial bus services and related routes of Tajikistan connecting other cities and provinces of the country together. Private bus services charge nominal fare in the city of Uroteppa and ensure safe and smooth traveling across the country. Railway network and air line companies of the country are major revenue collection source and at the same time offer attractive and competitive employment opportunities to the job seekers.

Uroteppa is a mixed denomination so contain different cultures and traditions in its normal daily life. Most of the people are conservative and love to follow traditional norms and provide an excellent overview for the tourists and visitors of the Uroteppa town. Evening spots, shopping malls and clubs provide different amusement and fun time to the adult and young aged communities and at the same time offer multiple opportunities of growth and trade to the interested parties in Uroteppa.

Jobs in Uroteppa

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