Jobs in Tursunzoda

Jobs in Tursunzoda | Job Opportunities in Tursunzoda

Tursunzoda is a famous city and growing nation of the Tajikistan country. Its meaning is derived from the Russian language that is pronounciated as a steel dealing nation. There are many mining firms and units dealing in numerous underground products and rich resources of the city that has changed the fate and destiny of the local population. There are many firms producing attractive gemstones, minerals and metallic products that has created a biggest employment market in Tursunzoda. Oil refinery units and metal processing firms produce ideal per capita income, GDP and national income of the city as well as provide attractive life style to the residents of Tursunzoda. Tajik government is very caring for the uplifting and development of its local population therefore huge investments are made annually in this regard to develop the community with advanced infrastructure.

Shirkent and Karatag Rivers are major irrigation source and best water based industries providing different services and features to the related concerns. Most of the population is practicing internet, computer systems and advance multimedia techniques. There are two major television stations in Tursunzoda titled TV-REGAR and TV-TADAZ that provide ideal employment services to the showbiz people in the categories of Modeling, Hosting, Anchor ship, Newscaster and Stage performers. Healthcare units and related services provided by the state authorities are pretty good and hospitals and medical units of Tursunzoda ensure due patient care on time.

Aluminium plant called the TALCO in Tursunzoda is another major employment sector of the city. Aluminum smelting plant of the city is a biggest plant in the region and considered as a biggest asset of its industry. There are many parks, pubs, night clubs and disco centers to remove the tensions and boredom in less time.

Jobs in Tursunzoda

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