Jobs in Turkmenabat

Jobs in Turkmenabat | Job Opportunities in Turkmenabat

Turkmenabat is considered to be a modern and latest trendy city of Turkmenistan which has a history of over 2,000 years. Present city was established in 1886 during the construction of the Trans-Caspian railway. City’s main railway junction and highly fertile land area prepared it the main trade center for agricultural products. There are many processing units of food, textile and silk in Turkmenabat-Turkmenistan. In past it was recognized as Amul due to inspirations from the Iranian city of Amol. The river of Amu is also named after the establishment of this city. During the Soviet period, Chardzhou was an industrial and transformational hub used for the international trade. Turkmenabat-Turkmenistan is located on the banks of the Amu River near the border of Uzbekistan.

The transportation system of the town is well equipped with latest trends and techniques of this age and in the same time airline system of the state is very useful for cutting long distances in few minutes. People of the state are highly educated. Education standards are very high in the city and it is compulsory for everyone to study till grade 12 but recently this policy has been revised and compulsion has made till matriculation.

Textile units of Turkmenabat-Turkmenistan are providing maximum job opportunities to the accountants and sale personnel on attractive pay perks whereas IT students are engaged in software houses that are increasing day by day to shift the infrastructure of the town from manual to digital system. Overall economic condition of the city is very good and people are enjoying their life. It is noticed during last decade that inhabitants of the neighboring countries are relocating to Turkmenabat-Turkmenistan for sack of good pay out options.

Jobs in Turkmenabat

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