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Tunisia, formally the Tunisian Republic, is a country to be found in North Africa. Tunisia is situated southwestern side of the isle of Sicily and south of Sardinia. Tunisia is the northernmost country on the African continent, and the least of the nations to be found along the Atlas mount range. Today Tunisia is an export oriented country, in the process of liberalizing its financial system. Tunisia is a member of the Arab League and the African union. Tunisia has a diverse financial system, ranging from agriculture, mining, manufacturing, petroleum products and tourism. Though Tunisia managed an average 5% growth over the last decade it continues to suffer from a high unemployment especially among youth.

Tunisia was ranked the most aggressive financial system in Africa and the 40th in the world by the World Economic Forum. Tunisia has managed to attract a lot of international companies such as Airbus and Hewlett-Packard. The European Union remains Tunisia’s first trading partner, at present accounting for 72.5% of Tunisian imports and 75% of Tunisian exports. Tunisia is a one of the European Union’s major established trading partners in the Mediterranean area and ranks as the EU’s 30th biggest trading partner. Tunisia was the first Mediterranean country to sign an Association Agreement with the European Union, in July 1995, though even before the date of entry into force, Tunisia started dismantling tariffs on bilateral EU trade. Tunisia finalized the tariffs dismantling for industrial products in 2008 and therefore was the 1 st Mediterranean country to enter in a free trade area with EU.

Tunisia is a country to be found on the Mediterranean shore of North Africa, midway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Nile Valley. It is surrounded by Algeria in the west and Libya in the south-east. An abrupt southern turn of its shoreline gives Tunisia two faces on the Mediterranean. Despite its relatively little size, Tunisia has great geographical and climatic mixture. North of the Dorsal is the Tell, an area characterized by low, rolling hills and plains, although in the northwestern corner of Tunisia, the land reaches altitude of 1,050 meters.

Jobs in Tunisia

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