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Tunis is the capital of the Tunisian Republic and also the Tunis Governorate, with a populace of 1,200,000 in 2008 and over 3,980,500 in the greater Tunis region. It is Tunisia’s biggest city, located on a large Mediterranean Sea gulf, behind the Lake of Tunis and the port of La Goulette, the city extends all along the coastal plain and the hills that enclose it. At the center of more modern development lies the old medina. As the capital city of the country, Tunis is the center of Tunisian commercial activity, as well as the focus of political and administrative life in the country. Tunis is situated in north-eastern Tunisia on the Lake of Tunis, and is linked to the Mediterranean sea’s Gulf of Tunis by a canal which terminates at the port of La Goulette / Halq al Wadi. The ancient city of Carthage is situated just north of Tunis along the coastal part.

The city of Tunis is built on a hill slope down to the lake of Tunis. These hills enclose the places, Notre-Dame de Tunis, Ras Tabia, La Rabta, La Kasbah, Montfleury and La Manoubia which altitudes further than just 50 meters. The city is positioned at the crossroads of a narrow strip of land between Lake Tunis and Séjoumi. The roads are also dependent with Carthage, emphasising its political and financial significance not only in Tunisia but in Africa in Roman Times. The Greater Tunis area has a region of 300,000 hectares, 30,000 of which is urbanized, the rest being shared between bodies of water and agricultural or natural land.

Tunis has a Mediterranean weather, characterized by a warm and dry season and a cool and raining season. The standard temperatures in the summer months of June, July, and August, are very high. In fall, it began to rain, often with short storms, which can sometimes create rapid flood or floods in some parts of the city. The month of November marks a break in general heat with temperatures moving on average between 11° and 20°C.

Jobs in Tunis

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