Jobs in Tulkarm

Jobs in Tulkarm | Job opportunities in Tulkarm

Tulkarem is a prominent and famous Palestinian metropolitan in the West belt and positioned in the Samarian mountain series in the Tulkarm administration. The Israeli towns like Netanya and Haifa are in the western side of the Tulkarm and Nablus & Jenin in the eastern containing almost 80,962 people in its administration as per national population census conducted recently. Agriculture industry is major profession and channel of earning in the community where plenty of products and quality of citrus fruits, melons, olives, olive oil, tomatoes, potatoes, wheat, sesame, peanut, eggplant, peppers, green beans, guava, and other products are produced and a large quantity of its annual production volume is sold in the western markets against high profits making the national income, GDP and per capital income more high in Tulkarm.

Education level and literacy ratio of the Tulkarm town is reliant of different private and state run schools, colleges and other educational institutes and learning centers providing quality of education to eh enrolled students. There are nearly four high schools in Tulkarm for girls and boys and Khodori College, Al-Quds Open University and An-Najah National University are the main institutes of modern education in Tulkarm offering higher educational studies and courses to the qualifying students. Space sciences, management, accounting and managerial studies are latest subjects and modes of study in the campuses of Tulkarm.

There are many malls, marts, theaters and art centers making and promoting the cultural values. Tulkarm is famous for having different evening spots and gathering centers that create a true source of making unity among people and provide different activities and recreation sources to the active participants in Tulkarm. There are different jobs and employment options available for professionals of multiple fields.

Jobs in Tulkarm

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