Jobs in Tongyong

Jobs in Tongyong | Job opportunities in Tongyong

Tongyeong is a shoreline community in the Korean Territory and is spread over estimated land areas of about 240 ㎢ and with an estimated population of about 159,869 people as per national population census conducted during 2009. It is one of the oldest and historic cities of the country having long historic background dating back to the 08th century when there was fewer population and Iron and Stone Age was commonly observant from the entire culture. Tongyeong is located in the southern pour of Goseong isthmus. There are many small and medium sized islands in the community and due to major locations and segregated islands, Tongyong is a great tourism spots of the Korean territory and ultimately cause a huge attraction for the versatile communities and tourists. Financial position and national economy of the Tongyong is based on different activities and industries like construction industry, mining firms, manufacturing units and trading activities widely performed among nearby states of Tongyong.

It is served by excellent and advanced healthcare units that are pretty good in terms of excellent patient care and equipped fully with the advanced technology and digital systems. Tongyong has many professional lines while education sector is on top ranking among all as it is the basic institutes and department of civilized nation. Tongyong has Unjudang, Baegun Seojae, Tongyeong Hyanggyo and few vocational institutes that prepare a true and talented generation to work in the working capacities of Tongyong.

While discussing about the fun time places and recreational points of the community in North Korea, Tongyong comes in top priority among all due to loads of tourist attractions, public places and visiting spots in the city having great attraction for international travelers and visitors. There are many jobs in the city of Tongyong for the professionals of computer experts, scientists, engineering and paramedical staff with good pay perks of the country.

Jobs in Tongyong

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