Jobs in Tonghae

Jobs in Tonghae | Job opportunities in Tonghae

Donghae is a conurbation in Gangwon prefecture of South Korea and is flanked by two major income generating projects and busiest ports including Donghae Harbor and Mukho Harbor. The city is sited on the Yeongdong Line railroad and the Donghae Expressway that is main traveling channels of the city and provides an easiest and safe traveling across the nation. Financial position and national economy of the Tonghae town is good and mainly based on different agricultural activities like expensive cropping having high trend towards water based production like Rice and other products. There are different small and medium sized industries of making textile commodities, garments, woven products and hosiery accessories. Textile and construction industry of Tonghae are graded as an important and major employment sources of the city offering great employment opportunities with pretty pay rewards.

While discussing about the learning trends and educational facilities offered to the students and enrolled candidates of different categories, it is concluded that Tonghae has many prestigious education centers of the Korean community and provide excellent learning trends and approaches. Engineering and medical science are highly demanding professionals lines of study in the campuses of Tonghae whereas computer technology and telecommunication engineering are following professions. Girls and boys are treated equally in the Koran society so all the social values and ethical standards are set pretty strict to create a disciplined and civilized nation.

Free Industry zone of Tonghae is a perfect competitive market of the community offering great trading and commercial activities on large scales. Cruise Ferry trip of the Tonghae is excellent and really a fun time activity and the visitors and travelers in Tonghae love to try this fun time. There are many jobs in the community for the skilled and learned personnel of information technology, accounting and marketing personnel with high perks and career path.

Jobs in Tonghae

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Tonghae

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Tonghae

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Tonghae

Management & Administration Jobs in Tonghae

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