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Jobs in Togo | Job Opportunities in Togo

Togo is a country of West Africa surrounded by Ghana in the west and Benin in the east. Togo covers an approximate land area of 57,000 square kilometers and 6.7 million inhabitants as per census conducted in 2007. Togo is extremely reliant of agriculture due to supportive weather conditions for good growing in the country. French language is widespread in the vicinity of Africa and Togo is a central hub of the same. Several religions are observed in the country with major significance of indigenous beliefs whereas Christian and Muslims are in minority. Togo is has affiliations with United Nations, African Union, Islamic Conference, South Atlantic Peace and Cooperation Zone, La Francophonie and Economic Community of West African States. During 16th century, slave trade was very common in the region which resulted in, Togo was known by the name of Slave Coast.

Togo’s economic reformation is mainly dependant of commercial and agriculture development that engages more than 65% of the tenants in employment. Cotton, coffee and cocoa are key exporting products of the country to earn huge foreign capital. Remaining 35% of the population is directly linked with the industrial developments. Phosphate mining, cement and clinker products are exported in neighboring states. World Bank and IMF are main donor institutes to invest in the industrial growth to stabilize the economic infrastructure of Togo.

Overall climate of Togo is usually tropical and very useful for the growing of agricultural products. Educational standards are not pretty good in the sense of low literacy rate because only primary education is compulsory in the country whereas high schooling and universities are on sole discretion of candidate to keep going with their own expenses. Job opportunities remain vacant for the degree holders of information technology, sales and marketing, accounts and administrative sciences with reasonable pay perks.

Jobs in Togo

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