Jobs in Tivaouane

Jobs in Tivaouane | Job Opportunities in Tivaouane

Tivaouane is a municipality situated in the Thies Region of Senegal and is graded as an average sized city and conurbation of the city in Senegal dealing in different income generating options and modes of a modern life style. Tivaouane was fraction of the Wolof kingdom of Cayor and in the 20th century it was developed in pretty good manners containing almost all the utilities and fun time equipments in its custody at Tivaouane. Financially it is highly reliant of agricultural growth and oil commodities in the city. Population size of the city is figured around 68,213 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2009. Roman Catholic community is on large scale occupying the land areas and practicing their faith and belief with full liberty. It is one of the cool and calm cities of Senegal.

Presently almost everywhere computer industry and internet is dominant from home to offices and from schools to playground therefore telecommunication companies working at Tivaouane has provided the same facility in maximum manners to the population in Tivaouane. Education level and literacy ratio of the city is on growth stage and need much to provide state of the art learning trends and techniques to get maximum passing ratio in its graduation level or master degree programs in Tivaouane.

Healthcare units and basic utilities of the city are pretty good tht ensure safe and smooth provision of almost all the major requirements in the modern societies. Tivaouane has different fun time places in the locality including shopping malls offering great discounted cloth and textile products, night place including clubs and pubs that encourage the hot and young couple to come and enjoy their times of intimacy without any fear in the city of Tivaouane.

Jobs in Tivaouane

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