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Jobs in Timisoara | Job Opportunities in Timisoara

Timisoara is a city in the Banat region of Romania and the capital city of Timis having an average land area of 1030 KM square. Previously Timisoara was under confederation of Banat and the Kingdom of Hungary till 1031. During the ruling period of Charles I, Timisoara got gradual progress in its industry and domestic trade with excellent strategic policies. During 1883, electric power generation was not developed and the inhabitants of Timisoara were used to of oil street lamps. Banat National Council is a prominent place for the foreigner visitors due to superb architectural work around the city. Major ethnic groups of Romania include Hungarians, Romanians, Serbs and Germans that are active participants of the industrial reformation in Timisoara. During 1919, King Ferdinand I titled the city as University Center that is considered as a major milestone in the way of its national & economic stability..

Timisoara remained an important economic center since 17th century because of new innovations in Austrian colonization, ethnic and political system. Most of the top class technicians and craftsmen shaped the city into a new model and raked the city of Timisoara as rapidly growing. It is the first city of Romania that relies on street illumination and electrochemical projects. Lightening industries of Romania are major employers of the state engaging majority of the skilled force in high paid jobs in Timisoara.

Timisoara center is composed of several buildings dating back to the Austro-Hungarian age. There a several historic areas, ancient structures and art theaters to amuse the local tenants as well foreign visitors. Due to reasonably stable economy of the town, people love to relocate in Timisoara to avail plenty of job opportunities for the degree holders of numerous fields including information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and administrative sciences with lucrative fringe benefits.

Jobs in Timisoara

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Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Timisoara

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Timisoara

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