Jobs in Tessaoua

Jobs in Tessaoua | Job opportunities in Tessaoua

Tessaoua is a municipality positioned in the Maradi county of Niger and has almost 91,667 people in its society as per national population census conducted during 2010. Tessaoua is one of the most historic community and has links with the ancient times many years ago ranging from 08th century. Presently it is practicing a proper political system and democratic modes of administration in the society. Financially it is a struggling cum striving nation of Niger and is mainly reliant of export services, production units and service industries comprising upon national and international banking chains, financial consultancies and leasing concerns of the community offering great credit facilities to the borrowers of Tessaoua. As the time is passing Tessaoua is getting good progress by leaps and bound in its entire industries and production units making noticeable annual revenue from such activities of life in Niger.

There are different small and major primary schools offering quality of educational services and features to the enrolled students at Tessaoua and intend to develop the gender on priority bases. There is one and only high school named lycee but carried various primary and middle schools. Training and technical trades are taught to the students of Tessaoua in different other major and reputed training centers of the Niger in other communities of the country. While discussing about the medical services and healthcare units of the city it is pertinent to mention that Tessaoua carries several NGOs and NPOs making a reasonable contributing in the healthcare units and hospitals of the city.

Government of Niger is spending much annual budget on the recreational activities and reconstruction of new places and spots of the city. Public places and night spots of the city are pretty good and carries noticeable high share in its annual national wealth by means of hotels, public places, monuments and museums of Tessaoua.

Jobs in Tessaoua

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