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Jobs in Tatawin | Job Opportunities in Tatawin

Tatawin is derived from the word of Tataouine that is an Arabic enunciation narrating with the Water springs of the vicinity. It is situated in southern Tunisia and is the official capital place of the Tataouine administration. There are many beautiful places and landscapes making Tatawin prominent community among other cities and nations of Tunisia like picturesque Ksar Ouled Soltane, Chenini and Douiret. Though Tatawin is a tourist destination but it is not a preferred residing community due to low earning potential and lack of financial resources for the betterment of humanity. General professions and employment opportunities frequently observed arise from textile units, paper making units, construction companies and some foreign NGO’s working for gender awareness. It is needed to establish new working channels and developmental projects to empower local population and increase attraction four outsiders.

There are different traveling modes in practice in the city of Tatawin like public transport that is a biggest source of public carriage from one place of Tatawin to another and private vehicles and taxis or less preferred media. Government of Tunisia tries to uplift the remote areas and cities and many areas of the countries are under developmental phase that sounds interesting for future and coming years working potential for job seekers and professionals of Tatawin. Government run hospital and dispensaries are biggest source of instant healthcare facilities to the ailing and suffering patients.

Hilly areas normally contain sloppy roofs and sharp edge roads and in the same way side by hotels and restaurants gets good business from the tourists and foreigners of different hobbies. Tatawin has different markets and bazaars offering traditional stuff and decoration pieces that are in high demand. Traditional stuff and small flat carpets prepared in the cottage industries of Tatawin gets high prices and provide attractive rewards.

Jobs in Tatawin

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