Jobs in Tambacounda

Jobs in Tambacounda | Job Opportunities in Tambacounda

Tambacounda is the principal metropolis in Senegal about 251 miles of Dakar and administrate almost 136,000 people in its administration as per recent population census conducted. 78,800. Muslim population is considered in majority whereas a reasonable strength of Roman Catholic and other minorities is also recorded in the city statistics. Previously it was called by the name of small and tiny towns of Senegal but with the passage of time it got expansions towards all its four corners and attained the present formation of advanced Tambacounda. Financial position and available opportunities for the job seekers, investors and traders in Tambacounda are good in terms of numerous new expansion so industries and production units. Textile, construction and mining firms are graded as most wealthy, rich and ideal employers of the country offering great employment opportunist to the professionals of multiple fields in Tambacounda.

Trans Sahelian Highway system is a better traveling modes provided for the ease and comfort of the local population of Tambacounda. There are many private educational institutes providing most latest and advanced study subjects and modules to make the generation skilled and learned to combat with the upcoming educational challenges in Tambacounda. Technical training centers and vocational institutes of Tambacounda focus to generate a skilled and learned national annually to contribute in the success and growth of a striving nation.

Agriculture sector and tourism industry of Tambacounda pays a noticeably high share in its annual income level at Senegal. Millet, sorgum, maize and cotton processing plants provide an ideal and high paying job opportunities to the job seekers of different professions and trades like information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences. The Niokolo-Koba National Park and the Hotel de la Gare are most frequently visiting point of the locality in Senegal.

Jobs in Tambacounda

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Tambacounda

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Tambacounda

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Tambacounda

Management & Administration Jobs in Tambacounda

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