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Jobs in Tamale | Job Opportunities in Tamale

Tamale is the capital of Northern Ghana and the Tamale Metropolitan constituency almost 600 km away from the Accra regions. Majority of the population speaks Dagomba and Dagbani language in offices and in general public. Majority of the occupants belongs to Islam and very committed to the teachings of their local preachers. Tamale is an accumulation of villages providing a mixture of traditional mud houses and contemporary buildings. Villages of Tamale contains old style of construction and adopt mud and plastic sheets to roof the buildings with the addition of grass and other elements alike. Such roofs are prepared in low cost and mostly villages prefer to spend fewer amounts on construction instead of wasting huge amount. Though villages of Tamale are conventional in its style but equipped with the latest inventions of TV, telecommunication and internet facilities all around the Ghana.

Education level of the Tamale state is mainly reliant of schools and colleges own by government as well as public property. There are almost 460,579 inhabitants as per national population census conducted during 2008 from which half of the population is school or college going requiring more schools and academic institutes. Government of Ghana is in process to revise its academic policy and annual budget as well to meet with the future educational requirements in Tamale.

Tamale has main rainy season starting from April to May & September to October with huge records. Normally sun shines around 7.8 hours a day in Tamale. Visitor attraction of Tamale includes shopping malls, beach houses, casinos and pubs offering various facilities and attractions to the participants. There are many job options for the professionals of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences with good pay perks.

Jobs in Tamale

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Tamale

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Tamale

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Tamale

Management & Administration Jobs in Tamale

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